The O.C. 11.11.04

The O.C.
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Okay, so I know that every site you read is talking about how homocentric Seth and Ryan's relationship has become... but dang girl, it's true. It's so hot too. I mean, a brooding wife beater wearing semi-mute stud and the lovable emo eccentric getting together? It's my childhood wet dream. Good god, this is good television. Look at that picture of them (left), (cue Nicole Richie:) "That's Hot!"

Now, throw into the mix the new comic book geek that gets Seth's heart a flutter and it's a gang bang porno come true! Seriously, what's with the lack of gays in Orange County? Seems wrong. I've been there, well I ate lunch at a really good vegetarian restaurant there once, but I know there has to be at least one queerbag in that town and how come he's not like BFF's with Summer? Hello, she is so fag hag worthy.

I am glad that it seems like they are not going to nicely wrap everyone's relationships back up this year, hooking them all up 90210 style. I think it will be really interesting to explore where their characters can go with actual goals. I mean, I was watching and thinking, god they never talk about Ryan and his passions (other than brooding) and HELLO, they touch on it.

And I am so not a fan of that Lawn Boy Marisa is schtooping. Too chiseled and hard. I will take soft Ryan and scrawny Seth anyday! Wait, are we still talking about them? Damn That's Hot!


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