Degrassi: TNG - Summer Season 05 Premiere

�You know what blowjobs are don�t you?� Did that just come out of my television? Was blowjob just uttered at 8:10pm on the children�s network The N? Is Emma Nelson in a van down by the ravine with bad-boy scum bucket Jay � about to give him head? Oh My God Degrassi! I almost passed out; Jon actually thought I was going to hyperventilate because I was gasping at the words being spoken in this, the summer premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Shock and Awe kids� Degrassi: It still goes there!

Ever evolving and growing as the social icon it is, Degrassi only gets better with every season and its importance in teen culture only becomes more self-evident. Last season they tackled the Columbine tragedy of teenage alienation, rage, and gun violence as Rick shot up Degrassi Community School. This summer, the story continues as the kids of Degrassi continue to deal with the issues of death and the ramifications of their adolescent actions.

First up: Emma struggles after staring down the barrel of Rick�s gun and later witnessing Rick�s death - not knowing how to cope, she�s been in a haze for months� until this episode where her lost sole finds that any connection to life (no matter how out of character or promiscuous it may be) is better than being numb and alone. Oh no! She�s off giving bj�s to her nemesis Alex�s boyfriend to feel the thrill and danger of being something she�s not. She collects little colored bracelets that signify how far you�ve gone sexually (apparently a new trend amongst the teens) to try and prove she�s a new person only to lose respect from those that love and know her most - her old friends and family � which gives way to the second best line of the night (Emma to Manny The Man-Stealer that had an abortion last season: �At least I can�t get pregnant� � No you didn�t Emma Nelson, No You Didn�t!)

Long story not so short, Jay�s girlfriend Alex goes to the doctor and discovers she has Gonorrhea � comes back to school and beats the shit out of another girl, Amy who�s also been fooling around with Jay, leaving Emma shocked and scared back into reality! Gotta love a catfight! By episode�s end, Emma is off to Spike and Snake to tell them the truth and to get an appointment at the clinic. Girls got some splainin� to do!

Next up: Spinner confesses to Jimmy that he lied to deflected Rick�s accusations (about the �Carrie�-esque tar and feathering which led Rick to go Columbine) by telling him that Jimmy was the one behind the humiliating plot which in turn led to Rick gunning Jimmy down leaving him paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. Whoops Spin!


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