Six Feet Under 6.27.04

Is it possible there happiness or at least a change for a possible better tomorrow is afront for the Fisher family? Tonight's SFU was so well written and as usual divinly acted. Some emotional points were missed and others surprising. Nate's semi-psychotic melt down in a strangers bed was scary but expected. Rico's heavenly foot bath was a welcomed surprise. He is knee deep in a whores scam and is in dire need of an intervention which may come in the form of his Latina wife's foot in his little arse. Claire continues to shine this season as the character most in need of a new purpose. Her utter disgust for everything including her disgust of everything strikes a chord. At times I am just so fed up with always being negative and hateful. Other times it seems like a supreme part of my being and my make up. But I know that I can be happier not being so negative and will work on that. Maybe I should burn all of my stuff and start a new? Not. I will just continue to be a better person at 30 and continue to watch Six Feet Under.
Tonights Rating: *** (out of 5)


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