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Just so you know, the archives are not moving at this time. I hope to someday transfer them but I am putting up links to the month my month archives in the near future. I hope this make it easier eventually but to save time I just had to get on it and go live.

Enjoy and let me know what looks like crap or good, or what is not working for you. I'm new to Wordpress so it's taking me some time to get used to it.

Thanks, and see you on the otherside!


Cat Deeley Rings In Fox New Year

Don't forget folks, So You Think You Can Dance's very own brit host will ring in the New Year tonight on Fox! I don't know about you, but this all but solidifies that she will return for Season 3 next summer and definitely solidifies that America loves Cat!

Beginning tonight at 11pm (all time zones) catch Cat and what I'm sure will be a scandalous outfit! Love her.


Friday Night Lights Mini-Marathon TONIGHT

So friends, tonight over on NBC you have the chance to catch up on the three most recent episodes of the spectacular Friday Night Lights. Starting at 8pm you can watch as Smash hits an all time low, Sereson reaches an all time high, and his friends what's his name gives fashion advice! Brilliance.

This is a great opportunity to see what everyone's talking about and to gear you up for the return of FNL on January 3rd when Matt's father makes a surprise return visit from Iraq for two weeks, only to emerge as a man far removed from the heroic figure Matt remembered. Meanwhile, Street and Lyla begin to rekindle their relationship; Landry tutors an academically challenged Riggins; and Smash's girlfriend discloses a secret!

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Ducky's Top TV Moments 2006


So it's really hard to pick a handful of moments that make up the best parts of television 2006 but I'll do my best. Plus, you know I'm forgetting a thousand of them as who can really remember all the moments that make us love tv over 365 days of a year and a couple dozen shows we watch? In short, these are the ones that stand out for me. Feel free to weigh in on yours.

*no particular order

- Jeffrey Dean Morgan lives and dies on both Grey's and Supernatural. He's just a tv gem.
- Ana Lucia and Libby are shot by Michael on LOST. I freaked!
- Ivan and Alison dance to Annie Lenox's "Why" on So You Think You Can Dance and I cry.
- "My Name Is Cassidy" - Beaver's swan song on the Season 2 finale of Veronica Mars.
- Opening Scene of LOST Season 3. We met Juliet in her own Wisteria living sitch.
- Alice stalking Dana in the car on The L Word.
- Any moment with Jade on America's Next Top Model Cycle 6. God she was brilliant.
- Andy and Jim's acapella Indigo Girls sing-a-long which led to my favorite term of the year: "Tuna, you gotta be kidding me!"
- The opening sequence of the premiere of Studio 60. Judd Hirsch's speech is superb.
- Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton play the best parents and couple (Friday Night Lights) since Sandy and Kirsten's OC heyday.

and finally, probably my favorite moment of the 2006 tv season...

The final 10 minutes of Battlestar Galactica Season 2's finale. It changed the tone and mood of the show and blew my frakkin' mind!

Here's to more great moments in 2007!


Christmas Specials and Holiday Viewings

I'm a psychotic Christmas fan. I usually call it Xmas, ensuring to take the Christ out of Christmas but regardless, I can sit here all day 365 days of the and listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas specials.

The number one favorite being a tie between A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rankin-Bass' Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Both are sublime and amazing. And for as much as I dislike religion and the such, nothing gets me like the "meaning of Christmas" speech Linus Van Pelt gives toward the end of Charlie Brown... amazing!

So because I'm a Christmas freak, I thought I'd bring you some of the fun marathons and such that are taking place in the next 48 hours.

Obviously we start with the mother of all marathons, TBS's 24 hours of A Christmas Story. Still one of the best holiday films EVER! Who doesn't love Ralphie, Randy, The Bunny Suit, Farkas, The Bumpus' dogs, Schwartz, and Flick with that damn pole. Beginning December 24th at 8pm settle in with some cocoa and prepare to watch the FUDGING best movie!

ABC Family 12pm December 24th: 12 hour marathon of my favorite childhood animators, Rankin-Bass' famous holiday work. Now, the two best pieces of Rankin-Bass work are not present (Frosty and Rudolph) but you've gotta tune in for The Little Drummer Boy (12pm), Nestor (4:30), Jack Frost (6pm), Twas the Night Before Christmas (7:30), Santa Claus is Comin' To Town (8pm), The Year Without Santa Claus (9pm). God I love the Heat Meiser!

AMC has 18 hours of the original black and white classic Miracle on 34th Street. Watch Natalie Wood before she was Maria and before she was a floatin' in the water.

NBC has It's a Wonderful Life at 8pm on Christmas Eve. If you've ever wanted to box someone's ears, this will steer you in the other direction. Plus for all you tv freaks out there, if you ever wanted to know where thirtysomething and Once & Again creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick got the closing tag "And Dance By The Light of The Moon" well, here's your chance! Merry Christmas Movie Theatre!

TVLand has a 24 hour classic tv episode marathon beginning 6pm Christmas Eve! The 24-hour event showcases holiday-themed episodes of Good Times, All in the Family, Cheers, Sanford and Son, Benson, Green Acres, Little House on the Prairie, Gunsmoke and more.

Others that must be seen if possible: The Bells of St. Mary's and another no-brainer... Christmas Vacation!

Merry Christmas Everyone


ABC Offers Some LOST Scoop (mild spoilers)

So, zap2it is reporting some LOST scoop for when the show returns on February 7th and beyond. Here is the description for the first episode back (and remember folks, we're repeat free until the finale):

Jack is in command, as the fate of one of The Others' lives rests in his hand. Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer find an ally in one of The Others, and Juliet makes a shocking decision that could endanger her standing with her people.

They also let us know that in February we can expect to see another Pre-Crash Others moment on the island (with that creepy Ethan), we'll see Rousseau, her daughter, and the kid that was in the cage. Penny and Caleb from The OC show up as The Widmores on Valentines Day.

Lost returns February 7th at its new time, 10pm.

Ugly Betty Marathon: An Ugly New Year

Starting December 31st, ABC Family will broadcast an 11 hour Ugly Betty marathon! This is the start of their Be Ugly 07 campaign where ABC Family is asking America to be true to theirselves and to embrace the ugly.

I don't get it, but I dig that their playing Ugly Betty for 11 hours!

Jessica Simpson's a Bigger Idiot Than We Thought

According to AP, Jessica Simpson has requested that her second and I'm sure just as lousy performance of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" has been pulled from the December 26th telecast of the Kennedy Center Honors.

After all the fuss that was made in the media and all the videos we watched online, don't you think she's a jackass for trying to bury it? It's not like it wasn't a huge story on E! or a huge video on YouTube.

We all know about it Jess, this was your chance to right the wrong but obviously walking off stage a lighting rig must have fallen on her head and when she came to and rewatched the footage she realized what the rest of the world already had... SHE CAN'T SING!

It's a Christmas Miracle folks.

Day Break's Web Finish on Break

It seems that has yet to post the final episodes of the recently canceled DAY BREAK as they said they would. According to the hold up is in getting all the episodic music clearance. So, if you expected to spend your Christmas vacation watching Taye Diggs do the same thing over and over again, perhaps you could just watch the 24 hour Christmas Story marathon instead.


Ducky's Top Shows 2006


Well it's the end of the year and everyone with a blog, a column, a tv show, and sky writer is starting to put out their Top lists so I figured it was about time I got to mine. Usually I do the Top 10 of this and that.

I'm trying to keep it to just 10 but you know me... I'm all about excess so there is a strong possibility I will create some overflow. I'm basing my choices on how much a show entertained me, moved me, made me laugh, made me cry, had social relevance, or just plain kicked some ass!

Here they are folks, in alphabetical order:

1. Battlestar Galactica
Brothers & Sisters
Friday Night Lights
Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
So You Think You Can Dance
Studio 60 on the Sunset Boulevard

See, I did keep it to 10 but now I have to give the honorable mentions:
- Veronica Mars
- Supernatural

- The Office

- America's Next Top Model
- Lost
- How I Met Your Mother
- Top Chef
- The Closer
- Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
- Big Brother All Stars
- American Idol

Ducky's Shop Service Interruptions

I wanted to send a quick apology to those trying to visit my shop today. Cafepress has been getting attacked all day and have had to impose service interruptions which is causing you to not be able to access my wares.

Thanks to everyone trying to get through, and stick with it. Cafepress is currently investigating the issue and I'll let you know when it's resolved.

The Knights of Prosperity Gears Up For Premiere

ABC is pushing this show hard and why not? It's got a great premise and hello, it stars Donal Logue whom I love.

The Knights of Prosperity premieres January 3rd on ABC.

It had some good buzz back in the summer as we were gearing up for the fall. It got pushed to mid-season but if you're asking me it seems like it really could be a new hit for ABC. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't like to steal from Mick Jagger?

Here's a quick video to wet your appetite:

And here are some stills from the upcoming pilot episode which will air at 9:30 pm Monday, January 3rd.

all photos and video courtesy of ABC

CBS Shakes Up Monday... Again

As long as How I Met Your Mother stays put, I could care less what they do with the rest of the night. So, here's the rundown.

HIMYM will remain put at 8pm. The Class will have its season finale very shortly, and by shortly I mean March 5th. It will be replaced by Elaine's show, New Adventures of Old Christine. At 9 will still be the Ducky show, I mean the Jon Crier show Two and a Half Men. Then at 9:30 beginning February 5th (putting Christine on hiatus until March) will be the new show Rules of Engagement. Phew. Almost done.

Starting April 9th, Rules of Engagement will be replaced by The King of Queens which will air on Monday's at 9:30 until its finally put to rest forever. Thanks God, that way Leah Remini can go talk to the aliens full time. And by aliens I mean the Cruise's.


SYTYCD | Travis Wall Update

So You Think You Can Dance is well over but those kids are still strutting their stuff. My BF Travis just finished up a multi-city teaching tour that came to Boston! He's also gearing up to move to the left coast and live with... wait for it... Jailbait Ivan. GMMR just passed out. Apparently Travis and Jailbait are BFF's. Not only will they be roommates, they're driving cross-country together in preparation of the move.

To keep the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck relationship in swing, they are also working together on a new instructional dance DVD coming out called IT'S ABOUT TIME. Travis will teach contemporary while the two collaborate on a new style of dance they've been working on. I'm sure its some hybrid contemporary/hip-hop. Whatever it is, I'm all over it.

Oh, and he cut and dyed his hair. It's brown, shorter and with a lightening bolt shaved into the side. ICE ICE BABY!


Twin Peaks Season 2 Finally Arrives on DVD

Twin Peaks Season 2 will finally hit the dvd shelves this spring folks! Your favorite Special Agent, favorite cherry stem knot tier, favorite best friend that doesn't think they buried you deep enough is finally coming to DVD on April 10, 2007.

I had the pleasure of attending a meet and greet along with a Q&A with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch at a special screening of his new monstrocity Inland Empire (don't see it, I beg of you to save the 3 hours of your life that will be wasted on it - and I am a huge Lynch fan so please consider my warning) and he claimed it was coming this Spring.

Now, dvdactive is reporting a date and box set artwork. Keep your fingers crossed that some dancing midget and a damn fine piece of pie are in our future!

Current TV : My New Favorite Network

So there is this little known but hugely amazing station called CURRENT. It's informative, it's entertaining, and it's incredibly ahead of its time and folks... it's interactive. The network airs predominantly socially conscious, politically motivated, diy-activist type programming broken into 30 minute "topic" blocks. It's completely viewer produced segments that run as an almost youtube-ish stream of consciousness but so well done it's like watching a bunch of mini-documentaries.

To me its almost as revolutionary as when MTV began in 1981 - it blew my mind. I love that a whole network is dedicated to social awareness and the interactive nature of today's youth.

That being said, last night they did a hysterical piece with a Jewish man wanting to learn about Christmas. Sure he could have talked with some folks, or even read a book but this being the technology age he wanted to see what history he could learn from YouTube! It's genius. He found a clip called "2001 Opening Christmas Presents in Menifee" and sweet Jesus, did he learn the meaning of Christmas.

Watch and say it with me... ASPARAGUS... YEAH!



Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006

So I just caught the re-air of VS's 2006 show and I have a few comments. I will first and foremost state that I absolove people strutting their stuff on a runway. I find it to be one of the best things in life; to watch a model slam down a runway with a fierce look of superiority and contempt for all the ugly people while staying on beat with the music is quite possibly heaven. That's why as a gay man, I like to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every year. Oh, that and I love that they use the Olympics real motion glide cams that follow the models from the floor up. It's way hot.

Now, I like the beautiful people just as much as the next guy but I do not ever want to see them talk or even show one ounce of personality again. Is that sexist? Does that count if I'm gay? Who can tell. Seriously though, watching Adriana Lima try to speak is like listening to a robot from 1980 try to translate code. It's harsh. It's not sexy at all. Straight men must fast forward through all that stuff. They Sookie it. I did too boys, I did too. Shut your hole and walk that tight little ass down that runway and look void of emotion! That's what I'm here to see.

I'm not here to see rat face Gisele talk about her first and only love. I'm not here to see these nameless size zeros make cute faces. Cute faces are not for the runway, their for print ads. Go work at JC Penney's if you want to be cute... the runway is for ruthless bitches and I've got no time for pleasant. Hips, Hips, Slam, Slam.

That being said... Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurova, Alessandra Ambrosia, and Selita Ebanks can walk the shit out of a runway! Amazing to watch these girls slam through all that glitter and the glass shards. Hot!

Um, also hot. JT. Justin Timberlake is one sexy mutha! He has indeed brought the SexyBack. Sorry Scooter, I really do think this honor goes to JT and not you. I do see these shackles and yes honey I am your slave...

My Boys Has 9 More Boys in Waiting

TBS has just given the pretty darn good show My Boys an additional order of 9 more episodes that will air over this summer. I'm really glad this show is catching on. I find it to be a show that given time it will really come into its own. Right now there are some moments that don't always work but as we mentioned in our most recent podcast, both GMMR and I really enjoy it.

For those of you wanting to catch up, keep an eye out because it looks like TBS is going to run a mini-marathon which then leads into a 3 night extravaganza of My Boys ending with the mid-season finale on December 28th.

Take the time to catch up and take the time to look past the incredibly annoying sports analogies.

Idol Plans Mid-Season Twist

According to TVGuide, American Idol is trying to find a way to keep Idol fresh after so many years and their big answer to freshness? A MID-SEASON TWIST!

Now I don't know about you but there are only a couple twists that will fly in my book...

- A mistake is discovered and Chris Daughtry is really the winner of last season's competition.
- There will be a cross over episode and the So You Think You Can Dance kids are joining the show.
- Cat Deely is taking over as host.
- Dunkleman is coming back as a man-on-the-street reporter... because ya know, he lives on the street.
- Simon is getting a breast reduction surgery.
- Paula is revealed to be a robot and the real Paula has been living in Emilio Estevez's forced to sing Hush Hush over and over and over and over again.
- Randy really has the vocabulary of a master of linguistics.
- Seacrest finally comes out.

What do you think of the big mid-season twist?

The Staircase Goes From Real Life to Lifetime

I used to live in Cary (Raleigh suburb) North Carolina and my great friend Jennifer lived in Durham and worked for a newspaper called The Durham Herald Sun. Right after I moved to Boston, the Herald Sun became the center of attention as one of its writers (also a novelist) was accused of murdering his wife. It was a huge media frenzy and it was incredibly fascinating. His name was Michael Peterson and he is one amazingly scary sociopath. Or is he? Peterson claimed that his wife fell down the staircase and died. Forensic experts and even some of his children questioned that theory.

A couple years ago, a documentary was released that chronicled the whole incident and the two years of trial that Michael Peterson underwent. The documentary was aired as an 8 part series on strong SUNDANCE called THE STAIRCASE.

The trial was held and it just got crazier and more scary as the evidence and incidents in his past come to light. I won't spoil any of it but seriously a Hollywood screenwriter couldn't have written a story this good. It's an amazing ride through some really person issues, some gruesome pictures, reenactments, and a thrilling (if not terrifying) portrait of a sociopath.

The Staircase is now available not only on DVD but also on iTunes. It is a must-see. Seriously folks, you will never see a murder trial or a suspect this fascinating for years to come. It's gripping. Please download the show and watch it because guess what?

Lifetime Networks has greenlit a tv movie called The Staircase Murders starring Treat Williams (Everwood we still miss you), Samaire Armstrong (Anna we still miss you), and Kevin Pollak.

I cannot wait!

Click here to download The Staircase

Veronica Mars' Gia works it 'Til Death

Where did we last see Gia over on Veronica Mars? I don't remember. Some I'm sure think that she went down with Mayor Woody but in reality (tv reality that is) I think she survived, right? Well regardless, the actress that plays Gia just got a new gig on a major network!

Krysten Ritter joins the cast of Fox's 'Til Death playing Brad Garrett's sassy cynical daughter Allison.

"Daddy's Girl" airs Thursday, December 21st at 8pm. Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Joy (Joely Fisher) are excited for their daughter Allison (Krysten Ritter) to come home for the holidays, but Eddie is perplexed when she turns to Joy for comfort after an unexpected break-up. When Eddie tries to impress Allison at the Woodcock’s (Kat Foster and Eddie Kaye Thomas) New Year’s Eve Party with his new cheerful outlook on life, Allison soon realizes that she liked her dad better when he was pessimistic and angry.

CBS & Rob Stewart Wish You A Sexy Holiday... for Children

Okay, so Rod is soooo not bringing the SexyBack but he is doing a good deed this holiday season. Having a permanent home for the holidays isn't the reality for the half million children currently living in the foster care system in the U.S.

Enter Rod Stewart, Idol's Katharine McPhee, Five For Fighting, John Legend, Angie Harmon, Rene Russo, Jeri Ryan, and Melina Kanakaredes.

In the Spirit of the Season, “The 8th Annual A Home for the Holidays with Rod Stewart” continues to Help Foster Children Find Adoptive Homes, Dec. 22 on CBS.

Last year, the “Children Waiting” segment on the special featured 12 children from ages 4-15. As a result of the show, every one of them now has an adoptive home. Please help again this holiday season by spreading word of this incredible event and make the holidays amazing for everyone!

Click here for a clip from the show

Day Break in on Permanent Hiatus

Well its day break and you've gotta believe that it is...

Sorry I was having a Barry Manilow moment. Folks, the 12 of you out there watching Day Break will be sad about this news. IT'S ON PERMANENT BREAK. Pull immediately from the schedule.

Don't worry though, you'll be able to catch the remaining episodes that fulfill its 13 episode season online over at

Now, Taye Diggs stick to just being plain pretty.


TV Shirts For The Holidays

I know this should have gone out a while ago, but I just had time to work on getting this out to you all. Thanks to everyone that has been interested in my designs and supporting our favorite shows!

In time for the holidays, I bring you the holiday designs that are available at Ducky's Shop!

Hope you enjoy all the goodies related to our favorite shows! Big Brother (even though its so not summer, we can still remember), Battlestar Galactica, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, The Office, and Veronica Mars!


Veronica Mars: TV's Smartest Gal

The big arts and entertainment newspaper here in Boston (and in other metro areas now) is The Boston Phoenix. Its a great weekly that give you all the information on music,movies, tv, art, theatre, etc. but it also has great columnists for politics, current events, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I opened it to see Kristen Bell! It's a great article on the 2 Smartest (and smart-assed) shows featuring smart women on television Veronica Mars and 30 Rock.

Click on the picture to read the article.


Lost 2007 Promos (Spoiler)

So it's still like a year away but here's a preview of LOST (returning Feb. 7, 2007) and guess who's back? CINDY THE STEWARDESS! We've wondered where the hell she disappeared to since The Other 48 Days back in Season 2. Guess who might be an Other?

God Matthew Fox is one hot man when he's angry. Loves him.

Lost Moment #4

Lost Moment #3

Lost Moment #2

Lost Moment #1

My Grammy Moment

So, do you wanna sing with Justin Timberlake at The Grammy's in February? No - I didn't think so. But would you like to watch someone sing someone else's song while in the same building as Justin Timberlake and the rest of the biggest singers and songwriters of today?

If you'd like to do either, keep reading. MY GRAMMY MOMENT is an online competition to find an unsigned (neither indie nor major label) singer to submit videos that will be voted on by the internet viewing public over the next 9 weeks.

Starting tonight, aspiring singers can submit videos through Yahoo Music and a Grammy Blue Ribbon Panel (do they also do pies) will pick the Top 12 performers who will then compete to sing with JT. The Top 12 will be announced on January 8th at which time its up to us America! We pick which overgrown Jean Benet moves on.

Submission Information:
December 15 (after 10:00 AM ET / 7:00 AM PT): Singers, at least 18-years of age or older, U.S. residents only, who have never been signed to an independent or major record label, submit a 60-second video of themselves singing one of the following GRAMMY-winning songs only (must be a cappella with no music or background track whatsoever):
o "If I Ain't Got You" (originally performed by Alicia Keys)
o "Breathe" (originally performed by Faith Hill)
o "Come To My Window" (originally performed by Melissa Etheridge)
o "What's Love Got To Do With It" (originally performed by Tina Turner)
o "Dance With My Father" (originally performed by Luther Vandross)
o "Cry Me A River" (originally performed by Justin Timberlake)
o "Respect" (originally performed by Aretha Franklin)
o "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (originally performed by Whitney Houston)
o "Vision of Love" (originally performed by Mariah Carey).

Videos should be submitted and uploaded to Yahoo! Music, no later than Jan. 3, 2007

Battlestar Galactica "The Eye of Jupiter"

Tonight is the mid-season finale of Season 3 Battlestar Galactica. It's already been a surreal trip through time and space this season so Gods only know what comes next. Well, the Gods and the writers, cast, and crew as they are wrapping up filming on the season finale of Season 3 shortly.

"The Eye of Jupiter" will hopefully once again change the course of Battlestar and push it towards the back half and if we're lucky towards Earth. Having just made their way to the algae planet, the crew of Galactica will search for the "Eye of Jupiter" which rumor has it holds the Temple of Five which will direct them to the 13th Colony... EARTH! Too bad the Cylons are also hot on the trail of the Temple of Five. Which one gets it first? We'll find out tonight.

Directed by the mastermind visionary behind some of BSG's biggest episodes, Michael Rymer (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pegasus, Ressurection, and Lay Down Your Burdens), we can only hope it blows my frakkin' mind as each of those episodes (many being mid-season and season finales) did!

Also tonight, let's see how Sharon feels when she realizes her daughter is still alive and in danger. Will Adama or Roslin risk it all by revealing the truth? Will Sharon go crazy and frak shit up?

Remember tonight is the last time you'll catch a new episode of Battlestar Galactica on Friday nights. Starting in January, BSG moves to Sunday's at 10pm.

Here's a preview:

And here is an exclusive clip from "The Eye of Jupiter"

I can't wait!

Nathan Fillion (aka Capt. Mal) Goes Death Race

Okay so it's not Death Race 2007 but damn it could be! The amazing Nathan Fillion, last seen playing Kate's ex-hubby on LOST (the amazing Capt. Mal on Firefly/Serenity and the creepy preacher on Buffy)just rejoined the mid-season replacement show he once abandoned.

DRIVE, created by Tim Minear (Firefly, Angel, and Wonderfalls) the show follows an underground cross-country race and it's participants. If the original cast stays intact it's gonna be one hell of a show! Brian Bloom (loved your ass on OZ and your eyes in the 80s), Shawn Hatosy (The Faculty, In & Out), Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men, Heavenly Creatures), Taryn Manning, and Alan Ruck among others are among those cast in what could be quite the thrill ride of a show!

The Office "The Benihana Christmas"

True story folks, I swear on all that is Christmas and all of my awesome (hopefully) presents... True Story. Last night was at the Xmas party for the art house theatre I work for. My friend Nancy (who BTW loves HEROES) came in about an hour late, walked over to the table I was sitting at and sat down next to me.

She reaches into her sidebag and pulls out a Dry-Erase marker. She removes the cap and draws a black line down my arm. "What the hell was that for?" I asked. She looked at me and said I'd find out soon enough and let out an evil chuckle.

All night I kept waiting for the mark on my arm to make sense. She showed it to our friend Sarah and she almost fell out of her seat with laughter. WTF! I start getting annoyed because I seriously have the patience of a fruit fly. Nancy said I needed to wait and in time it would be revealed for all its awesomeness.

I got home from the party at about 11:45 and sat down with some Harney and Sons Holiday Tea, lit the tree and reached for the remote. I selected The Office's 1 hour Christmas show. About 35 minutes later I let out THE BIGGEST LAUGH on earth. A laugh that should not happen at 12:20am. Brilliance. The moment in the show was brilliant but the moment in the restaurant earlier was even more so. Nancy my friend, I tip my hat to you as do all of The Office blogger folks out there!

Okay, onto the show. Not that I can talk about it too much because this episode was definitely on that will reveal its genius the more its watched. There were so many subtle moments and smart gags happening that I really need to see them again to reprocess the funny. I will say that I loved the episode and think it might be one of the best this season. It was not laugh out loud funny but it was high cringe factor funny which is always better than the gaffaw moments. And, it was a little sad - was it not?

I felt horrible for Michael Scott when his Christmas Carol broke up with him. You knew it was coming but sweet lord when he photoshopped his head onto her old family holiday photo you just wanted to die! It was so horrible and insensitive and he just doesn't get it. In Michael's little mind he's doing a very sweet and family thing - painful! I love Steve Carrell. His canceling Christmas is sooooo great. I enjoyed every second of Andy's pick-me-up lunch at Benihana! I loved his "new girlfriend" - both of them. And of course I almost died with joy over the marking of the correct "new girlfriend" so he could tell her apart from the other asian girl. Horribly racist, but pretty brilliant on his part.

Before I forget... Creed taking from the Toy Drive box. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that they continue his cleptomaniac storyline in little bits here and there. The reason I thought of this is because I just got back from going to Starbucks with my friend Shelly and we walked by the Food Drive box on our floor and there was really nice spaghetti sauce and pasta in there and she goes "Oh, now I know what I'm having for dinner... though I wish it was Angel Hair instead of regular spaghetti." Yeah, these are the people I hang out with so I can appreciate Creed!

One of the best moments of the night was Pam and Karen bonding over their hatred of Angela and the creation of a second party planning committee. It was cute. It was like middle school. Pam finally found someone her age to hang out with, someone with similar interests... in Jim Halper. That poor boy looked so terrified through most of the episode. His worst nightmare - Pam and Karen becoming friends. He doesn't do well with the love triangle as we all know. I did however appreciate the stand he took as #2 in the Office!

Another favorite moment was Pam's gift to Jim. How amazing that for months now she's been sending Dwight messages from the CIA! Genius! It's so JAM it's not even funny. Her present was that he gets to pick Dwight's big assignment. It was so hard to watch the joy on her face and his turn so quickly as he realizes maybe he shouldn't be doing these pranks with Pam anymore now that he's dating Karen. Sure he disguised it as a work related new position of authority-wouldn't be right scenario but deep down we know it's because of Karen. So sad. Poor Pam. But luckily folks, in the end it all paid off! Jim sent Dwight his final instructions from the CIA. The last we see is Dwight on the rooftop of a building ready to be picked up by helicopter. At the last minute he gets a text saying to abort the mission and to throw away his cell phone. And that he does my friends. JAM WINS!

Other great moments:
- The tension when Stanley stood to decide which party to attend.
- Karen telling Pam that Roy's cute and that Pam should date him. Hella awkward. I love that not all the information has come out yet.
- "Why would I be disappointed?"
- Andy's wingman luncheon
- The used bike
- Oh God, The Goose! I almost forgot about the goose
- The Karaoke cord in the planter
- James Blunt's "Good bye My Lover"
- Sandals, "All Inclusive!"
- Using the Nutcracker's base
- Ryan's endless excuses
- Dwight holding Angela's hand
- Pam felling bad for Angela
- Oscar's return: "too soon"

And finally folks, my favorite moment of the evening...
Angela: "And maybe some green streamers..."
Phyllis: "I thought green was kinda whorish?"
Angela: "No, orange is!"
Poor Phyllis, wearing the orange. The woman cannot catch a break! I love Angela so much. She's amazing and I love that there is no reasoning behind her cruelty. So to celebrate the holiday's and Angela's cruelty I present you with this Office Xmas Design!


America's Next Top Model Cycle 8 (and 9)

So I've moved the ANTM discussion to my new site where all of the Season 8 talk will continue and obviously all the talk about Tyra's whack ass and whether or not Cari Dee deserved to win from Season 7. Click the picture about to continue the discussion.

Golden Globes Nomination 2007!

This will tell you how ridiculously insane and busy my world has been lately... I didn't even know that the Golden Globes nominations were coming out. Never crossed my mind. I am a really really bad TV Blogger. I keep making excuses but it boils down to time. Not having any. Not even watching shows until days later when its too late to write about them, etc.

Here folks are the Golden Globe nominees for the television. The Globes will be awarded on January 15th!

TV Series, Drama
Big Love
Grey's Anatomy

Lead Actor, TV Drama
Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Hugh Laurie (House)
Bill Paxton (Big Love)
Kiefer Sutherland (24)

Lead Actress, TV Drama
Patricia Arquette (Medium)
Edie Falco (The Sopranos)
Evangeline Lilly (Lost)
Ellen Pompeo (Grey's)
Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)

TV Series, Comedy
Desperate Housewives
The Office
Ugly Betty

Lead Actor, TV Comedy
Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)
Zach Braff (Scrubs)
Steve Carell (The Office)
Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl)
Tony Shalhoub (Monk)

Lead Actress, TV Comedy
Marcia Cross (Housewives)
America Ferrera (Ugly Betty)
Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Avdentures of Old Christine)
Mary-Louis Parker (Weeds)

Best Miniseries or TV-Movie
Bleak House
Broken Trail
Elizabeth I
Mrs. Harris
Prime Suspect: The Final Act

Best Actor, Miniseries or TV-Movie
André Braugher (Thief)
Robert Duvall (Broken Trail)
Michael Ealy (Sleeper Cell: American Terror)
Chiwetel Ejiofor (Tsunami, the Aftermath)
Ben Kingsley (Mrs. Harris)
Bill Nighy (Gideon's Daughter)
Matthew Perry (The Ron Clark Story)

Best Actress, Miniseries or TV-Movie
Gillian Anderson (Bleak House)
Annette Bening (Mrs. Harris)
Helen Mirren (Elizabeth I)
Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect: The Final Act)
Sophie Okonedo (Tsunami)

Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or TV-Movie
Thomas Haden Church (Broken Trail)
Jeremy Irons (Elizabeth I)
Justin Kirk (Weeds)
Masi Oka (Heroes)
Jeremy Piven (Entourage)

Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV-Movie
Emily Blunt (Gideon's Daughter)
Toni Collette (Tsunami)
Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy)
Sarah Paulson (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip)
Elizabeth Perkins (Weeds)

Go Sarah Paulson, KHeigl, The Piv, Michael C. Hall, America Ferrera, Hiro and HEROES! Those in RED are who I am excited about not who I want to win or who I think will win. We'll get to that as the time closes in.

How great to see some new faces in the mix this year! Let's hope at Emmy time it's similar. And God Bless The Queen, Helen Mirren, she is amazing! I love that she's competing against herself in the Best Actress category. Plus, she got a nod for The Queen! Can I get an AMEN that Raymond went off the air so we're spared the horse crap that was always their zillion nominations. Honey, EVERYBODY DID NOT LOVE RAYMOND! I frakkin' hated it.

Over on the movie side, YOU GO JENNIFER HUDSON! Our ex-Idol got a nom for Supporting Actress from Dreamgirls.


Ducky & GMMR Podcast #1.03 (Part 2)

Part 2 of the epic Podcast 1.03 is up and ready for your listening. We know it's really long and a lot to ask of you to listen to both Parts 1 & 2 with a final run (or should we say "fun") time of over an hour but listen in spurts if needed.

We appreciate all the feedback you give us and would love more. Please leave comments here or at GMMR and please leave us some feedback on our iTunes page. You can also email comments to podcast @

Here we go folks... Part 2 of Podcast #3!

Part 2 of the Podcast #3 saga finishes up. Finally this epic chatfest ends. We promise to never ramble this long again.

Ducky and GMMR pick up where they left off and lead us into the biggest night in TV, Thursday!

-The Office
-Ugly Betty
-Grey's Anatomy
*technical difficulties cuts off discussion but really nothing is missed.

-Battlestar Galactica

-Brothers & Sisters


Ducky & GMMR Podcast #1.03 (Part 1)

Dan and Kathie are back!

Could it have been longer?

But I'm happy to report we made up for the lack of podcasts by talking way too much about all of our favorite shows. So much so that we had to split it into 2 podcasts... yeah, we talked THAT much. We promise to never do so again - so here folks, is Part 1 of Podcast #3!

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Ducky and GMMR cover the days of the week staring with:

-How I Met Your Mother
-Heroes (could we love it more)
-Studio 60

-Gilmore Girls
-Friday Night Lights
-Veronica Mars (Myster Arc #1)
-My Boys

-America's Next Top Model (Cycle 7 Finale)
-Top Chef

Stay tuned for Part 2 when we cover the rest of the week!


Battlestar Galactica "The Passage"

I'm super excited for tonight's Battlestar as tonight, Battlestar and Buffy collide! Jane Espenson has written tonight's episode titled "The Passage."

That's big news for all of us geeks out there because Jane did a incredible job carrying on Joss Whedon's vision as Co-Executive Producer and Writer on Buffy from 1998-2003. She wrote some of my favorites "Double Meat Palace" and "I Was Made To Love You" with the Buffybot!

"The Passage" works as a lead-in episode to next week's mid-season finale and Battlestar's final airing on a Friday night. Come the new year Battlestar will air on Sunday's at 10pm.

Often Starbuck nemesis Kat is a main focus in this episode as she plays a big role in leading the Colonial Fleet to the passage to Earth. Whether she's successful or not is to be determined.

Also tonight, starvation hits the fleet as their food processing machines become contaminated. Seriously, what did these people do to deserve the crap lives they have. Damn. Cylons aren't bad enough? You gotta throw in starvation? Give a brother a frakkin' break!

Here is an advance scene from "The Passage"

Can we just take a moment to talk about how incredible last week's episode "Unfinished Business" was? There was so much information that we learned not only about relationships but about life on New Caprica in the 8 months before the Cylons came. Adama and Roslin became closer though I'll argue it to the death with my co-workers that they did not have a sexual relationship. They just really enjoy each others company and they are confidants and friends. I love their relationship and its one of my favorite things about BSG. We also learned why Lee and Kara were so standoff-ish with each other in the finale of Season 2.

The use of flashbacks within the "dancing" scenes were superb. I was actually in tears when I finally understood the chronological order of flashbacks and that Lee walking by Kara and her taking a breath was right after Lee found out she married Anders. CRUSHING, HEARTBREAKING! Gods, they just frakked and proclaimed their love for each other. She freaks and marries Anders because she's an emotional jackass. I was devastated. The brutality in the ring was hard to watch but only because of the end result. I love these two and hope one day they are together and damnit in those final worn out moments I was mush.

Let's watch again!

How I Met Your Mother "How Lily Stole Christmas"

HIMYM just seems to be getting funnier with each episode. I abso-adored Robin Sparkles and this show made me like Wayne Brady (who I find to be the most annoying man on earth - except his appearance on this show) and that's a tall task my friends.

Alyson Hannigan has always been one of my favorite comedic actresses and I've been a die hard fan since Day 1 of Buffy when she was just wee-bit Willow. Monday night's Christmas themed episode looks to be one of her finest moments.

When Ted goes a step too far and calls Lily a very un-Christmas like name more than jingle bells will be flying. It's a good old fashioned Holiday Retaliation episode!

Click here for a brief clip.


Studio 60 "The Christmas Show"

In my humble ho-ho-ho-pinion I think that Studio 60 only gets better with time. Since NBC has taken the leap of faith and given Studio 60 a full season I feel like the writers are now able to focus on making a more even script that is a little less heavy handed and a little more jovial while working on character development instead of leftist rants.

The Nevada Day episodes were just superb and a real highlight for me. I've grown to love Nate Corddry and somehow, someway Amanda Peet's Jordan McDeere has become my new favorite TV character. She's so refreshing as this almost fish out of water newbie exec that still wants to rule the roost with a balls to the way approach. Too bad she has a few folks above her and beside her to answer to. I think the show is always at its finest when Jordan is on the defensive and being a strong willed and highly opinionated female. Her smart-ass ways make for incredible television even if at times they are far-stretched.

Last week's B-12 episode featured one of the best speeches/interactions on the show to date (the obvious best speech being Judd Hirsch's opening Network-esque monologue). Jordan finally agrees to an interview to counter-attack the media attention that her ex-husband is getting from promoting his book. She's to play the straight/even/controlled Executive who is above her Ex's antics but who is not afraid to address the rumors. In her meeting with a TIME reporter it quickly goes sour. Her sarcastic answers annoy the report and her insistance on being unapologetic for her private life lends to this:

Jordan: "We had a lifestyle and we were together and I regret both of those things..."

The Reporter presses Jordan and he says that there are rumors about her lifestyle which just angers her so she demands specific reports or specific rumors...

Reporter: "There is talk among people in the industry. It has been reported that..."
Jordan: "The talk among the people in the industry - and that was absolutely penetrating specificity - it hasn't been reported, it's been created; The same way it just was a moment ago. Stories need conflict, that's understandable, except reporters aren't supposed to be storytellers - stop trying to entertain me!"
Reporter: "You don't like the Press."
Jordan: "By 'The Press' you mean a lot of people - so let me be specific - I DON'T LIKE YOU. I don't think you've spoken to a single person that's unhappy with my job performance. I think you're reporting on what you and the guy in the cube next to you were talking about at lunch and that makes you a hairdresser and a cockfight promoter."

SLAM! A HAIRDRESSER AND A COCKFIGHT PROMOTER! The best line ever! I Heart Jordan McDeere.

This week's Christmas episode was full of incredible tongue-in-cheek shots at the commercialism and the de-christianizing of Christmas. I loved how Simon and Tom were able to corrupt Lucy and Darius as time wore on in the writers room. Poking holes in the mythology of Christmas, the origins, the three wise men, etc. was hysterical. It was the antithesis of what Matt wanted out of the group and acted as an obvious cultural statement but it never felt heavy handed. It was played for humor and intelligence. It's what the show is becoming and I couldn't be happier.

We got to see a little into Harriet's life without focusing on her Religion or the ramifications of her beliefs. Sarah Paulson is just great in this role and contrary to what my friend Nancy says, I find Harriet to be incredibly complex and I want more of her storyline developed.

I almost died at the To Catch a Predator spoof they did with Santa! It was possibly the funniest satire sketch we've seen on any show in years. The scariest thing was Nate Corddry sounding exactly like Chris Hansen. Shockingly good.

I wasn't sure about the whole New Orleans Musicians subplot but in the end it worked. I was a little teary, I'm man enough to admit it. O' Holy Night is one of my favorite holiday songs and I find it to be incredibly sad. Throw it into the Studio 60 realm with the New Orleans tribute and actual musicians and damn, I was a noodle.

Watch for yourself:

My Christmas Wish is for Studio 60 to find a wider audience so we can forever embrace the increasing brilliance of this show.

Kim Whitley on Fox's Standoff

I've never once seen Fox's Standoff but watched almost a full episode the other night. I found it to be pretty entertaining. I love me some Gina Torres so it was great seeing her do some work again and I'll always have a soft spot for Ron Livingston. What really caught my attention though was their special guest star this week.

A sassy number that made me stop dead in my tracks because she holds a special place in my comedy heart. Kim Whitley was the center of all the attention for Standoff's hostage crisis this week and I frakkin' love her. If you're wondering who the hell Kim Whitley is, well she will forever be known in my eyes as the prostitute Larry David picked up on a Season 4 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm just so he could ride in the HOV lane to get to a baseball game. It's one of the best episodes of the series and sweet jesus, Kim Whitley is brilliant in it!

If you've not seen the episode of CYE, I beg of you to rent it or see if it's on HBO On Demand because you will be crying. And just a warning... she will take her titty out if need be. BRILLIANCE!

That's all.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 Winner Is...

Cari Dee

Well folks, Cycle 7 was not ANTM's best but it sure provided hours and hours of entertainment and really solidified itself as The CW's main staple. I thoroughly enjoyed this cycle even though I thought it was was lacking a clear winner set of knock out winners at the beginning.

If you recall, I had originally picked AJ as my winner and Cari Dee was in my Top 3 as was Melrose (and those twins dipped in and out week to week). When AJ turned into a flop, it was clear that the two favorites were Cari Dee and Melrose. They were also my Top 2 though you know I loved me some twins and still think deep down that one of them would have been more of a model than Cari Dee or Melrose will ever be. They just have this edgy androgenous look to them that is so fashion as where Cari Dee and Melrose look like pretty blonde "everyday" models. Nothing special.

That being said... Congratulations to Cari Dee who managed in the end to have multiple meltdowns, reveal she was suicidal, and showed us the face of evil on that final runway showdown. She worked hard; as hard as Melrose and I was happy to see either of them win.

I was sitting at GMMR's house while watching the finale (she'll claim she knew Cari Dee would win all along, but in truth her "all along" was only that hour because the girl had never seen the show before) and man we were rolling at some of the crazy finale moments. The boobs on Tyra, Ms. Jay's always insane antics, the ridiculous color of Jay Manual's hair which just gets crazier and crazier silver each week, the explaination of Cycle 6 winner's name change "I'm now Dani" - um, okay. But we never laughed more than when Cari Dee and Melrose had that fierce stare down and Cari Dee's heel ripped right through Melrose's dress! High-sterical because the second Melrose got off stage she pitched a fit. Girl, pull it together already its so not like Cari tried to sabotage you. Deal.

I also realized that I don't think there has ever been a final two that hated each other as much as Cari Dee and Melrose did. Usually there is some sense of comraderie and friendship in those final moments; maybe some hand holding even. Not between these two. After Cari Dee was announced there was not even a "congratualtions" or a fake hug or nothing. I appreciated that. They both stayed true blue bitch! It was refreshing.

Before I end, could Twiggy have said "Loose Canon" one more time? Seriously it was OOC. Twiggy, we get it - damn girl.

My two favorite lines of the night are below:

Ms. Jay (talking about Cari Dee's runway show): "She was Runway Bride of Chucky"

Jay Manual: "I think everyone at this table is unpredictible..."
Tyra: "Child, I ain't unpredictible. You know I'm gonna have a hair weave, a bunch of make up on, and a dress cinched up at my waist."

Next week is ANTM: British Invasion - which is? Who knows but I'll tune in.

Until Cycle 8 which at this time has no air date due to the story editor/writers strike that took place during the summer and beginning of Cycle 7. They've begun filming and may have actually even finished but come January, Beauty and The Geek takes the place of ANTM. Here's to hoping the springtime brings us more Tyra and more crazy ass beauties.


Heroes | Chapter Eleven "Fallout"

It's been like a year since the mid-season finale of HEROES but you know what folks... I'm a busy guy and I haven't had time to watch it twice so I didn't want to comment until I could completely formulate thoughts and theories and speculations and such but I just can't wait any longer. I just have to wing it.

I got flack for saying it was an "amazing" episode from a fellow blogger based on Ali Larter's lack of acting talent. I have to however defend myself to say that I don't even take her storyline or character into account when I think of the show as a whole. Sure, she's supposedly important in the grand scheme of things but I choose to ignore her when talking about how great things are going on the show. I don't hate her character or storyline but I can't say I love it either... or that we couldn't all live without it. I just kind of ignore the bad parts related to her and her story and move on from there.

And moving on - HOW AMAZING WAS THAT EPISODE MONDAY NIGHT? It was a thrill ride almost from beginning to end. It's what a mid-season finale should be. It answered some questions or resolved some issues while opening up a huge can of questions and possibilities going forward.

The most emotional storyline was the aftermath of HOMECOMING for Claire Bennett, our beloved cheerleader. The girl just saw her friend get murdered, realized that she was the actual target, found another person with superpowers, came out to her Father (HRG), realized her Father already knew, and finally found a best friend in Zach. Life was looking up. Her Father agreed to talk with her little brother Lyle because he found out a couple weeks ago - too bad the Haitian got to him instead. Freaked out, she runs to her new best friend and only other confidant in the world Zach... too bad the Haitian got to him too. Her only friend only remembers her being a complete bitch to him and having not spoken to him since 6th grade. It was a devastating blow and I was crushed for her. My heart sank when she realized she had lost her little gay best friend. SANK I TELL YOU! Poor Claire. She calls her Father and he tells her he'll be home shortly. Then whammo! The Haitian comes into the room and FINALLY SPEAKS! He tells her that even though he's been ordered by HER FATHER to ERASE her, he wont! In that moment, Claire realizes that her Father has not only erased her brother's memory, Zach's memory but that he's been erasing her Mother's memory for years now! A jigga what?

After 11 weeks, The Haitian speaks and obviously has a different agenda. A different agenda from whom though? All along I kind of thought that H.R.G. had created this rag-tag group of heroes hunters with their own powers because he had a certain objective in mind. He was the ringleader. Monday night we discovered that he in fact is NOT the ringleader. So who is? Linderman? Someone we've yet to meet?

To stick with the Bennett-esque storyline, how sad was it that Eden had to die? I was happy to see Nora Z. working after her long absent Everwood stint and her work in BRICK... too bad she was not long for the Heroes' earth. I loved that she went out with a bang though. She was fed up with the direction her group was taking and she wanted Sylar dead. She suggested this much to H.R.G. and he said that the higher ups want him alive. So, before she plays the sacrificial lamb she sets Isaac free and provides him with a cell phone, then she makes her way to the cell that binds Sylar and his powers. Her plan is to convince Sylar to shoot himself; he has another plan.

I don't know if Sylar chose to not use his powers while in the cell or if he only discovered his powers worked when Eden showed up to off him. Regardless, he used his Hannibal Lecter/Jedi Mind Trick and pulled her little pixie ass through the glass. Claiming he was going to devour her powers, Eden instead ensured he would never take on her abilities by blowing her own brains all over the room. You go girl!

Speaking of girls... um, Niki's going to jail but I'm sure not for long. Jessica has no issue with just blowing away some cops and freeing herself. That, I'm sure about. If we didn't already see the flash forward to the explosion in NYC I'd hope that Niki was the first HERO we lost. Obviously someone has to die so why not kill Niki/Jessica? Ali Larter is not working for some reason. I like her as one or the other but her playing both comes across as an episode of PASSIONS. It's hokey. If Niki wants to save the world, she'll rid it of Jessica and the only good way to do that is to kill herself. Make it so.

I so don't want Peter or Nathan to die though. Bless these two boys. Manorexic Nathan is quite the tough nut to crack. In the flashfoward at the end of the episode... you know the one.

It's where we see a deserted street in NYC and all the HEROES are there. Matt's in his cop uniform ushering everyone away from Peter who stands in the middle of the street looking bewildered and dazed. Claire comes running up and is mouthing "I'm sorry" over and over then Nathan comes storming out of his election office. To me it looks as if they are all fleeing not only because of what's about to happen to Peter but also from Nathan who at this point looks like a crazy man. Then Peter starts to shake and shimy before his hands begin to glow red followed by his body! I WAS FREAKING OUT! Peter is the one that explodes and levels NYC! Is Claire saying sorry because this is about to happen or because she led someone to him or she brought Radioactive Man into the mix? Is Radioactive Man in the mix at all? Is he nearby, hence Peter's ability? WTF is going on? I can't wait to find out. I'm assuming this will be the destination point for the finale of Season 1. Getting the audience to the flashback we saw the other night.

Back to Nathan though. He's so in denial about his abilities that it makes me wonder if that's why he's coming across as a possible baddy? His inability to accept his gift could be what's driving him to the darkside. Maybe once he accepts that he's special he can use the powers for good. But I have to tell you, I don't want that anytime soon. An evil Nathan Petrelli is good TV! The scenes between Nathan and Peter are always so dysfunctional and just steaming with contempt. Nathan treats Peter like a 2 year old and once again throws his weight around to get Peter out of that Odessa jailhouse.

Here's a question. Why is Peter coughing and why did he collapse at the end? Is it because he didn't fully heal after Claire left when he and Sylar fell off the building? Does he need her powers again to fully restore his health? Is it because he's caught someone else's illness or power? What's going on? Inquiring minds need to know! Inquiring minds, like me!

In the I bet he didn't want to know category was Isaac finding out that he ends up dead after being Sylarized. I did love the revelation that he can still paint the future without the hooch. His drawing of Charlie made me miss the poor lass with the tumor. She was a great character. One I'm sad is gone.

I'm also sad that we have an extended break from HEROES. We do not have a new episode until well into the new year. So folks, we ponder the path until January 22, 2007.

Watch the Preview for Chapter 12 "Godsend" NOW!

*all images provided by Heroes-Forum