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It's been like a year since the mid-season finale of HEROES but you know what folks... I'm a busy guy and I haven't had time to watch it twice so I didn't want to comment until I could completely formulate thoughts and theories and speculations and such but I just can't wait any longer. I just have to wing it.

I got flack for saying it was an "amazing" episode from a fellow blogger based on Ali Larter's lack of acting talent. I have to however defend myself to say that I don't even take her storyline or character into account when I think of the show as a whole. Sure, she's supposedly important in the grand scheme of things but I choose to ignore her when talking about how great things are going on the show. I don't hate her character or storyline but I can't say I love it either... or that we couldn't all live without it. I just kind of ignore the bad parts related to her and her story and move on from there.

And moving on - HOW AMAZING WAS THAT EPISODE MONDAY NIGHT? It was a thrill ride almost from beginning to end. It's what a mid-season finale should be. It answered some questions or resolved some issues while opening up a huge can of questions and possibilities going forward.

The most emotional storyline was the aftermath of HOMECOMING for Claire Bennett, our beloved cheerleader. The girl just saw her friend get murdered, realized that she was the actual target, found another person with superpowers, came out to her Father (HRG), realized her Father already knew, and finally found a best friend in Zach. Life was looking up. Her Father agreed to talk with her little brother Lyle because he found out a couple weeks ago - too bad the Haitian got to him instead. Freaked out, she runs to her new best friend and only other confidant in the world Zach... too bad the Haitian got to him too. Her only friend only remembers her being a complete bitch to him and having not spoken to him since 6th grade. It was a devastating blow and I was crushed for her. My heart sank when she realized she had lost her little gay best friend. SANK I TELL YOU! Poor Claire. She calls her Father and he tells her he'll be home shortly. Then whammo! The Haitian comes into the room and FINALLY SPEAKS! He tells her that even though he's been ordered by HER FATHER to ERASE her, he wont! In that moment, Claire realizes that her Father has not only erased her brother's memory, Zach's memory but that he's been erasing her Mother's memory for years now! A jigga what?

After 11 weeks, The Haitian speaks and obviously has a different agenda. A different agenda from whom though? All along I kind of thought that H.R.G. had created this rag-tag group of heroes hunters with their own powers because he had a certain objective in mind. He was the ringleader. Monday night we discovered that he in fact is NOT the ringleader. So who is? Linderman? Someone we've yet to meet?

To stick with the Bennett-esque storyline, how sad was it that Eden had to die? I was happy to see Nora Z. working after her long absent Everwood stint and her work in BRICK... too bad she was not long for the Heroes' earth. I loved that she went out with a bang though. She was fed up with the direction her group was taking and she wanted Sylar dead. She suggested this much to H.R.G. and he said that the higher ups want him alive. So, before she plays the sacrificial lamb she sets Isaac free and provides him with a cell phone, then she makes her way to the cell that binds Sylar and his powers. Her plan is to convince Sylar to shoot himself; he has another plan.

I don't know if Sylar chose to not use his powers while in the cell or if he only discovered his powers worked when Eden showed up to off him. Regardless, he used his Hannibal Lecter/Jedi Mind Trick and pulled her little pixie ass through the glass. Claiming he was going to devour her powers, Eden instead ensured he would never take on her abilities by blowing her own brains all over the room. You go girl!

Speaking of girls... um, Niki's going to jail but I'm sure not for long. Jessica has no issue with just blowing away some cops and freeing herself. That, I'm sure about. If we didn't already see the flash forward to the explosion in NYC I'd hope that Niki was the first HERO we lost. Obviously someone has to die so why not kill Niki/Jessica? Ali Larter is not working for some reason. I like her as one or the other but her playing both comes across as an episode of PASSIONS. It's hokey. If Niki wants to save the world, she'll rid it of Jessica and the only good way to do that is to kill herself. Make it so.

I so don't want Peter or Nathan to die though. Bless these two boys. Manorexic Nathan is quite the tough nut to crack. In the flashfoward at the end of the episode... you know the one.

It's where we see a deserted street in NYC and all the HEROES are there. Matt's in his cop uniform ushering everyone away from Peter who stands in the middle of the street looking bewildered and dazed. Claire comes running up and is mouthing "I'm sorry" over and over then Nathan comes storming out of his election office. To me it looks as if they are all fleeing not only because of what's about to happen to Peter but also from Nathan who at this point looks like a crazy man. Then Peter starts to shake and shimy before his hands begin to glow red followed by his body! I WAS FREAKING OUT! Peter is the one that explodes and levels NYC! Is Claire saying sorry because this is about to happen or because she led someone to him or she brought Radioactive Man into the mix? Is Radioactive Man in the mix at all? Is he nearby, hence Peter's ability? WTF is going on? I can't wait to find out. I'm assuming this will be the destination point for the finale of Season 1. Getting the audience to the flashback we saw the other night.

Back to Nathan though. He's so in denial about his abilities that it makes me wonder if that's why he's coming across as a possible baddy? His inability to accept his gift could be what's driving him to the darkside. Maybe once he accepts that he's special he can use the powers for good. But I have to tell you, I don't want that anytime soon. An evil Nathan Petrelli is good TV! The scenes between Nathan and Peter are always so dysfunctional and just steaming with contempt. Nathan treats Peter like a 2 year old and once again throws his weight around to get Peter out of that Odessa jailhouse.

Here's a question. Why is Peter coughing and why did he collapse at the end? Is it because he didn't fully heal after Claire left when he and Sylar fell off the building? Does he need her powers again to fully restore his health? Is it because he's caught someone else's illness or power? What's going on? Inquiring minds need to know! Inquiring minds, like me!

In the I bet he didn't want to know category was Isaac finding out that he ends up dead after being Sylarized. I did love the revelation that he can still paint the future without the hooch. His drawing of Charlie made me miss the poor lass with the tumor. She was a great character. One I'm sad is gone.

I'm also sad that we have an extended break from HEROES. We do not have a new episode until well into the new year. So folks, we ponder the path until January 22, 2007.

Watch the Preview for Chapter 12 "Godsend" NOW!

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  • I think Peter might be sick because his body can't handle that many powers at once (he was exposed to Claire, Matt, probably the Haitian, and then his brother in pretty quick succession). When Matt's power was working extra-hard he got a bloody nose, and Peter's has certainly been working overtime absorbing all those powers.

    Or maybe the Haitian's nullifying power that Peter may have absorbed is fighting with his power and the other powers in his body? Gotta love a show that makes me thing so much about something days later...

    By Blogger Liz, at 12/06/2006 01:24:00 PM  

  • Or maybe he picked up some odd power from Claire's dad? Peter coughed in his presence.

    By Anonymous Heroes HQ, at 12/06/2006 08:11:00 PM  

  • I'm 90% sure she's dead, but I do have a working theory that Eden is still alive since we never saw a body: Syler was the dead one and Eden consumed his power and megalomania.

    As for Peter getting sick because he's no longer near Claire, it's not fresh in my head, but I thought he started to get sick when she came to visit him. I think maybe it has something to do with Syler invading his dream (which then would nullify my "Eden actually killed Syler" theory though).

    By Blogger Scooter McGavin, at 12/06/2006 11:06:00 PM  

  • Scooter McGavin said...
    I'm 90% sure she's dead, but I do have a working theory that Eden is still alive since we never saw a body: Syler was the dead one and Eden consumed his power and megalomania.

    that's impossible b/c if she killed him.. she does not have his power to "pick his brain apart" and piece it to her own b/c she doesnt have that power to see how things work..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/10/2007 03:38:00 AM  

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