duckyxdale's exclusive interview with
Real World/Road Rules Challenger Tina Barta!

I know I'm past the prime demographic MTV reaches for with its never ending Real World/Road Rules competitions but what can I say? I'm a reality whore and I love the drama! Over the years I've had my favorites like The Miz and Coral. Then there were the drama queen's that just kept coming back for more and more catfights like Katie, Veronica, Beth, Rachel and Tonya.

During the 11th episode of the 12th season of Road Rules, we were introduced to a sassy and strong willed young woman named Tina who came in as the replacement for wussy Cara. Instantly I fell in love with her attitude and sense of humor. Never in a million years would I have thought that umpteen challenges later she would still be kicking it at MTV and better yet living in my city of Boston!

Freshmeat marks the 6th MTV Challenge she's competed in and if she never stops I'll be a happy man. The commentary alone from Tina is reason to tune in. If you're new to the challenges, its really not that hard to grasp... Alumni from Real World and Road Rules compete against each other for cash and prizes. Sometimes there are major catfights, major hookups, and there's always major drama.

Freshmeat is the first time MTV mixed it up by casting "new to MTV reality tv" contestants that were partnered up with the veterans. Tina is paired up with the not to bad to look at Kenny... and loving it!

Though we were not able to chat in person (filming another challenge inhibits that somewhat) we were able to communicate through email and I cannot thank her enough for taking the time out of her busy personal and professional schedule to entertain us all.

duckyxdale: What was the hardest thing about Road Rules and subsequently, being on Reality Television?

Tina: The unrelenting scrutiny that you have to go though. People love to strip you raw when you do something that proves that you are human. Funny thing is that if you look at the characters on the show, you have a lot of the characteristics or there's someone close to you that does. So this is just a way for people to live their lives through us. I always have people come up to me and say "girl.....if that was me.....".

duckyxdale: You moved to Boston sometime after the show and seem to stay far out of the “fishbowl” limelight many RW/RR seek out. Why did you decide not to move to LA and be a media whore? Have they asked you to be on that “Women of Reality Television” Calendar?

Tina: I decided that I am not LA material and that I fit in better on the east coast. I am not that interested in becoming famous or doing something in the entertainment world. I have a degree and a brain that my mother encourages me to use. So I def. take her word and use my education that I paid so much money for.

The "Women of Reality Television" Calandar is hurtin. So much so that I WAS asked to do it. The funny thing is that it's a running joke with all of the RW/RR people. The calandar is so horrible that it ended up in the 99 cent store and Beth is in a bikini. *shivers*

duckyxdale: Were you as strong and opinionated in high school? Were you a cheerleader? Did you kick football players asses if they got out of line? You’re one tough chick!

Tina: I was a cheerleader and I think that my high school years got me prepared to enter into the challenge atmosphere. My high school sucked and so did the people that attended there. They are a bunch of assholes!

duckyxdale: According to your MySpace you just recently quit your job at ITT... What have you been doing since and what are your future plans?

Tina: I now work with another school in Charlestown, MA called RETS Tech. I love my job and love the people who I work with. My life is looking up!

duckyxdale: Do you ever see any other MTV alumni here in Boston? I used to live in the same building as crazy hair Jon from Road Rules 5 but that’s about it. Do you see Donell, that kid was a trip!

Tina: I do see a lot of people. Normally they call me and let me know if they are in or close to the city. I like to take care of them when they come. Especially Ray and V (Rachel and Veronica). Boston will always roll out the red carpet when they come into town.

duckyxdale: This is what, your fourth challenge? Is it the exotic locales, the money, or the constant fighting that brings you back each time?

Tina: The money and the competition.

duckyxdale: Who’s the person on the challenges you were surprised to not get along with? And likewise, who became your surprise BFF?

Tina: Kenny for both answers.

duckyxdale: Why did you pick Kenny as your partner and in the end did you get along with him?

Tina: Kenny is the sweetest and most sensitive person that I have ever meet. I love him to death. I picked him because it came down to stats and it was between him and the closet gay. I decided on Kenny and have never regreted it. It was a perfect matchup.

: You seemed to embrace the new kids more than the newest RW additions from Austin, why? Was it because they were 4 people and 2 couples or because you were just annoyed by who they are as people?

Tina: The couples thing was so annoying. It was like they were putting on this show to get more camera time because it worked on their original season. All of us can pick out fakes and this screamed it.

: When Wes from Austin arrived did you wonder why Abram was there? Seriously could he try to be more like Abe?

Tina: We all saw that and made fun of him for it. To the point where he even had the competitive spirit like Abe. The mohawk was overboard. But when you get to know Wes, he and Abe are totally not alike; they just have this twin thing going on.

: What’s your favorite Tina quote from the new season?

1. “I’m not fresh meat; this isn’t my first challenge. Are you serious? I see everything; that’s why I’m here!”
2. “You can take your little anorexic ass out of my face...”
3. “The fresh meat have no clue the depth of darkness in the alum.”
4. Add your own quote...

Tina: #1: “I’m not fresh meat; this isn’t my first challenge. Are you serious? I see everything; that’s why I’m here!” This is. I can remember what was going though my head when it came out. I was so fed up with the challenge at this point.

Okay gossip control...

duckyxdale: Tonya’s so bitchy, vindictive, dirty, and whorey... I can’t imagine why people don’t take her more seriously. Wait, that’s not a question... I honestly thought that after all this time she would be embraced for her inner “Mean Girls” but she’s always despised. What’s the real scoop on Tonya. Is it the whoring and the cheating and the stealing and the lying that makes her public enemy #1 ‘cause she is rather entertaining to watch. Or is it those boobs?

Tina: I think that what is so entertaining about Tonya is that shit and shitty people are always fucking with her. She loves to play the victim when she really isn't. It is quite entertaining to watch.

A reader asks: Seriously, what’s with the Diem freakout? As of right now I feel for the girl but god knows we don’t see half the shit that goes down at the challenges so you may have been justified.

Tina: People have to realize that what you see is just tipping the iceberg as far as our personalities and interactions. You never get to see everything. At the time of the freakout, all of our emotions were just so raw and we were exhausted. She said something to me and I snapped. Since then, Diem and I have made up and we have had great talks and have bonded. I was way out of line when she and I fought. I own up to that.

: Did Shane really date that Ryan “freshmeat” kid before the challenge and does he seriously think Ryan’s “stalking” him?

Tina: Yes, they did date and Ryan is a nice guy but hasn't gotten over the relationship yet. It was an odd situation for everyone to have them both there together. Shane is a very good friend of mine and Ryan would just terrorize him. Shane couldn't get away, but did his best to ignore everything that Ryan would would do. Ryan would talk about Shane all day to all the castmembers and would try to convince everyone that he is sane. But the more he talked, the more it was obvious that Ryan was totally not over him and was very obsessed. The fighting still goes on to this day. And Shane just tries to ignore him. It is kind of funny, in a "pencil-in-the-eye" sort of way.

: Is Jesse “trapped in the closet” or just super religious?

Tina: This is a easy question....he is totally trapped in the closet. He never said anything about religion to me. He would get passed out drunk everyday on Jeg. I had to stop ordering it for the house because he would make an ass out of himself and then yell out, "Im just a pretty boy. What can I say!" Could he scream out any louder, "Im gay. Put it in my ass"

: Have you ever argued with another girl in only a towel on national television? And could you love the Katie/Veronica battles more? I seriously want a whole season of nothing but Tonya, Katie, Veronica, and Beth. It would just be a death match. Does everyone just cringe when they see the cast list each challenge depending on who’s hatin’ whom?

Tina: Yeah, alot of us are very careful about who we do a challenge with. Some people I have to debate on whether or not I want to do it. People like Tonya and Beth I always question if I can handle them or not. They are so alike it isn't funny.

: A reader asks: You’ve seen a good amount of the RR/RW men naked, right? They’re always skinny dipping and wrestlin’ naked or something... Who’s packing the most heat down under?

Tina: I try not to look too much. But yes, I have seen almost every man naked on these things. But trust me girls, a majority of these guys aren't interested in impressing the women... if you know what i mean.

: Any Freshmeat scoop you wanna tease viewers with?

Tina: There were alot of hookups on this challenge. The vets got really close with their partners and emotions and lines got blurred...

: Any juicy insider gossip from any of the challenges past or future you want to spill? Set the internet rumor mill a blaze?

Tina: Well, I am not sure what rumors are going around. I don't tap into it. I am afraid of what I might find. But if you bring a rumor to me, I will try to respond to it.

: How long will you continue to do these challenges and will they one day have to retire Tina Barta from MTV?

Tina: I can't answer this question. I am a natural born competitor and I love to compete. I guess I will call it quits when it feels right. Whenever that might be.

: One last thing... Explain this picture!

Tina: I use to teach dance to high schools for college sidework. I worked the market in Nebraska with my best friend Krismichelle. So this is a picture that was put into a local newspaper after we taught a clinic.

I hope you guys (and gals) enjoyed reading this interview. As of this week, Tina and Kenny were still in the Freshmeat competition! Here's to hoping she outlasts that whore Tonya and here's to hoping she continues rocking these challenges. I gotta say when Coral went on hiatus for a challenge or two I was hurt; if Tina does the same... I will be devestated because hands down she cracks me the hell up! Please post comments below and please tellto anyone you know that loves these competitions to head on over and check this interview out.

Thanks for reading and as always, continue watching that tube!


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