So You Think You Can Dance...
in High School Musical?

Alright, I'm going to get shit for this but... I was sitting here watching Disney's High School Musical last night. Get it out, let the laughter die down... done? Christ, fine - continue laughing at my gayness...

Ready? Breathe... Okay, so as someone who has a film degree I at times like to watch the "making of" documentaries that come with dvd extras. This was the case last night. I'm watching the gotta be 12 years old choreographer Charles Klapow talk about the lunchroom scene when all the sudden one of the dancers getting up for the table makes me do a double take... No, that can't be - is it? Rewind, freeze-frame, frame-by-frame forward... that dancer looks just like Allison (Ivan's partner) from So You Think You Can Dance!

I go back to the film and run through the end credits. Under the header "Cheerleader Dancers" is one Allison Holker. I quick run to the computer and look at Fox's SYTYCD site and sure as shit... Allison Holker!

Now some of you may be saying: "DUH Ducky! It's on the Fox website that she performed professionally in Disney's HSM." Well, I had not read all of their bios, in fact the only one's I've actually looked at were those of Dmitry & Cousin Heidi (when I was trying to find out if they were pairs in real life), Benji, Donyelle, and My BF Travis Wall. So what may have been common knowledge to some I'm proud to say I discovered with a keen eye and some freeze-frame action via DVD! I rock!

Another screencap of Allison rehearsing


  • As someone of a similar age, I must ask. Does HSM live up to the hype?

    By Anonymous GMMR, at 7/05/2006 07:04:00 AM  

  • It's of the most wicked cheese factor, but a good amount of fun. The big gay isn't necessarily played big gay but there are a couple moments where if it wasn't Disney, they'd have played him up for bigger laughs.

    The main guy, Zac something or other is the scariest looking thing on earth, he is almost unwatchable...

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 7/05/2006 09:36:00 AM  

  • well....this is a complete heartbeaker, and shock. Which i kinda need proof that Travis Wall is actually GAY!!! Cuz if he is he just damaged everythin good about a "straight" hot, amazing lyrical dancer. Like not all guys that dance that genre is gay, trust me. And just 2 let u know i'm a chick, that is literally the hugest canadian fan of this show, and i've been routing for Travis the whole time. I can watch him dance for hours on end, like when he did he solo for when he was in the bottom 2, all i could do was watch and rewind constantly becuz i couldn't help it. Now i know i sound completely crazy and obsessed, but it's hard 2 believe, but at the same time not so hard 2 believe that Travis Wall is GAY!!! I have 2 admit that he has done some stuff that has made him seem that way, but if he is i'll be literally heartbroken, i'm possibly at least in the top 10 of his biggest fans, maybe less. And this is goin 2 soung super crazy, but when i saw him dance, he inspired me 2 challenge myself, and my body to try lyrical, which is TERRIFYING for me. So if u r Travis' boyfriend. plz i'm asking u 2 tell him how amazing he is, and that he should win, and tell him it's been a dream of mine since i saw him dance, 2 actually meet and have him teach me a few things, cuz like him, i may not be as passionate bout it, but when it comes 2 dance, it's basically my life, and he made a big income into my life, and inspired me 2 do wut i need and love 2 do. And if he is gay, that's just words i can't come up with, it's very very very very sad, but i honestly think yes he might be, but we have no proof, just these comments, and if he's not then thank god, for making such a beautiful dancer, and guy. My goal is 2 once be on that show, and my dream is 2 meet Travis Wall someday, and possibly dance with him. And this may seem rude, but travis is 18 and isn't ure age in the 30's or so, that kinda wrong, so tell me what is actually goin on, and yes Allison was in HSM, and she did a damn good job, as the background dancer lol!!! so long....get back 2 me,, if u get this don't laugh my sister made it up, but e-mail me and tell me wut u think. And hopefully we are talking bout the same guy here, cuz if not i'm very sorry!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/31/2006 11:16:00 PM  

  • Hey ducky, check it out -- Allison and Ryan get interviewed by TV Guide here:{1F4B078A-8DB9-4A5E-98DB-F8B6EC0E4FB5}

    It's a must-read!

    By Anonymous Spill, at 8/02/2006 02:15:00 AM  

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