So You Think You're A Choreographer?

There is this big broohaha a stewin' over on the SYTYCD Message Board that Fox has for the show. Apparently a person claiming to be Ashley's boyfriend sent an email, well you can read it below but anyhoo, a person ("cuzimbossy") on the boards posted it below...

Here's the email her boyfriend sent out to some of her friends/family... it's also interesting cause it shows you how much time and preparation each couple has... and it makes sense if a lot of them seem frustrated!
"Tonight is another night of competing for votes. I went to the taping on Monday and FIIIINNNNAAAAALLLYYYY, Shiva/Ashlee gets a dance style she can rip apart. Her and Ben pulled out Hip Hop this week! First off its important to know what they wont tell you on TV, The choreogrpaher "Tod" (he worked for Usher, Chris Brown, Bionce') was the most unprofessional she has worked with so far. Each team only gets about 1-2 hours on a Friday to learn their routine w/ the choreographer. Then they can go back and rehearse it together privately all night by themselves. The next day they only get 3 hours with the choreographer to tune up the routine, and sometimes even finish learn it (not even rehearsing it full out from the top to end)! Sunday they perform it on stage for the producers and camera people to work out the angles so they can shoot it smoothly the next day. Monday they perform live in front of judges and audience...that shows airs that Wednesday. (So they dont get that much time at all) To make a long story short, Tod thought he knew how to Pop and as soon as he called the "Boogaloo Walk Out" a "G.Q. Wave Down", Ashlee stepped in and corrected him and told him who her teachers were "PopNPete and the Electric Boogaloos"...He started stuttering and then tried to put together the routine...eventually leaving for an hour to talk on his cell phone in the hallway while the dancers waited inside. (They only got 3 hours, the routine wasnt done and Tod had only give them about two 8 counts at this point.) Luckily for Ben Ashlee's strength is Poppin and Hip Hop, She ended up choreogrpahing over 50% of the entire routine! The producers were notified of his unprofessional work ethic, but when it came time to tape the show, all of those things hit the editing room floor. I guess it was better for the show to not ruin the guy's carreer...but if I was the producer I would have pulled his card in front of millions. What if this was ballroom, where neither Ashlee or Ben could have helped save themselves? They got lucky this week, and I think Ashlee and Ben did a dope performance...a good mix of some sneaky poppin and Boogaloo, some club style dancing, booty poppin, and hip hop. The judges loved it, and didnt tear into Ben too much for being a classical dancer trying to hip hop....but they did point out it wasnt his strongest. Ashlee shined. They perform first tonight, and so far the support has been overwhelming! Every vote counts, so everyone who has been supporting, keep it up its working! To everyone else, check out the show and support Ashlee aka Lady Shiva. Each week she gets closer and closer to being a finalist thanks to you!!! TONIGHT FOX PRIMETIME LADY SHIVA WATCH, SUPPORT, VOTE! JRock ABM

Well on the boards this has started a whole debate on Ashley's professionalism and the show's editing. It's kind of fascinating. Here's the big kicker... it never even dawned on me that the show isn't live on both nights. Apparently I'm slow like that. What? Am I the only one? I feel like a fool.

There's also a whole "Who Hates Travis" board. That ain't right.

Thanks to AHinNY for pointing this out and directing me in the right direction.


  • I think I was just aware that the show wasn't live on Wednesdays in general, but the one thing I noticed this week that made it obvious was the way they had the replays in sync with the judges comments as they made them during the critique. Definitely a good amount of editing work in post-production. (BTW, I got here by reading the TV Guide blogs.) :-)

    - Micah

    By Blogger Micah, at 6/29/2006 11:33:00 PM  

  • Welcome Micah, glad you stopped on over. Hope you come back often too!

    That was a little robotic wasn't it? Think of me saying not like a robot and it might sound less bland.

    Love your name too! There was a bad ass skater in my high school named Micah. Good name.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 6/30/2006 09:54:00 AM  

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