So You Think You Can Dance
Competition Show
June 28, 2006

Can I just tell you that Tuesday morning I woke up and was so excited... about an hour later when I realized it wasn't Wednesday I got all depressed. Why you ask? Well besides the fact that I haven't been able to sleep for like a week now and I'm an emotional wreck its also because I realized I couldn't watch So You Think You Can Dance that night. Seriously... I know. But my friends, yesterday was Wednesday and you know what that means! Dem Kids Be Dancin'!

Ashley and Pre-Pre-Op Alexis Arquette (Ben) were first onto the dancefloor with their Hip-Hop routine. Right out of the gate we get a great zinger from host Cat Deely: "Get ready for the Pimp Face!" I don't know about Pre-Pre-Op Alexis Arquette's Pimp Face nor did I really understand how this routine was Hip-Hop? I ain't ever seen the players in da club dance like this... (please folks like I've ever been out to a hip-hop club in my life) it was the lamest, gayest, flashiest hip-hop routine ever. Nigel said it best: "It wasn't so much Street as Rodeo Drive..." Ya think, look at Pre-Pre-Op Alexis Arquette, the down and dirtiest he ever got was in a bathroom stall at the Ramrod.

Ryan and Cousin Heidi picked the Cuban Rumba which for some reason Cousin Heidi assumed was the same as the American Rumba. Apparently her nationalist attitude seeps into her dancing perception because as she quickly found out America is not the center of the world, especially the dance world, and Cuban Rumba is a Cuban/African fusion that is sooooooo not like the Rumba's she's used to rumbaing to. Their Cuban Rumba routine started out with what appeared to be some sort of Ostrich Mating Ritual as Cousin Heidi and Ryan stork-like prance toward each other. It was similar to a cock fight without the sweaty men, er I mean chickens. All kidding aside, I don't know what the hell this Cuban Rumba is but I LOVED IT! Any dance that has Butt Bongos is okay in my book! The judges loved it, especially that kinky brit Nigel...

What they didn't love so much was Bad Attitude Outer Space Aleksandra's portion of The Waltz with Dmitry who seriously should dance with his shirt off at all times... just a thought! She was stiff and as the judges pointed out "hyper-extended" for the whole routine. Thank god there are dancing judges who actually know something about dancing technique because I never in a million years would have picked up on that. But then you watch it in recaps and think it's a scene out of The Fly, like any second her arms will bend back, split open at the elbows, and sprout insect legs, only to later throw up on Dmitry's face and devour him before the Waltz has ended. Send this girl home already.

Ivan and Allison were the shockers of the evening! Looking his best Justin Timberlake, Ivan cleans up nicely or as Cat put it, "Little Ivan is all grown up!" If the Argentine Tango is The War of The Feet these two stormed the beach and killed every dancer in sight! Allison looked incredibly sexy in her get-up (including her Lil Kim one titty look) and worked little Ivan over like noones business! Amazingly grown up and controlled from what these two have been presenting previously. I seriously watched it three times! I never thought I'd say this but I think they might give My BF Travis Wall and Martha a run for their money.

Wait, did Mary just scream out that Ivan was like Seabiscuit? Seriously medicate her. While you're at it, someone please duct tape her huge mouth shut. And tell Ross his teeth are glowing again, wow lay off the whitening lady.

I don't know if it was much Jazz, but Benji and Donyelle's routine sure as shit POPPED last night! This was my second favorite and second most rewatched routine of the evening. Benji and Donyelle continue to be a steam roller of a team mowing down the other contestants in every way shape and form. From the attitude, vavavavoom she brings and the talent he showcases how can these two not make it all the way to the finals? They are consistently fucking amazing! It was a fun, hot routine that showcased Donyelle's banging body and sex appeal while still giving Benji room to play without making faces! It was first y'all, no goofy faces! The ending floor roll thingy... superb! There's also this moment in the middle where she slides off him and does this leg kicky thing... superb! Watch the clip below because, seriously folks... superb!

Benji: "I'm kind of a geek..."

Ya Think?

Natalie and Musa! The exclaimation point is my fourth word in that opening statement. It's actually there to emphasize the way in which Cat Deely always says their names... Natalie and MOOOSA! I love me some Cat and that blue number looked hot with her yellow slicker belt (for those not in the know. a slicker is a rain coat)... The Quick Step is the wierdest dance to watch. It's like any moment Seven Brides for Seven Brothers could descend on the scene and before you know it... it's a party! Too bad my pals who I adore Nat and Musa couldn't find the speed or the swiftness needed to pull this quick hodown together. It looked fine but after the sauna those two created last week, this was just plain boring and sexless. There was no heat or chemistry... I missed my Natalie and Musa - what have you done with them you crazy Blonde Chippy with the auburn streaks in your hair?

Jessica and Jaymz... their still in this competition? Huh, who knew? The best part of this was Frou Frou! Though I do have to say that I love love loved the opening of this routine up in the scaffolding area.

Yeah, My BF Travis Wall (who's also one of my MySpace friends - we're like *this*... well, me and his 2000 other "friends" - damn you Travis Wall) is last! Look, Sticks McGee Martha is still with him. She so bland, I often forget she's even competing. She's just there to make Travis look better! Wait, Martha's legs are seriously the longest legs I've ever seen. Her legs stop at Travis' eyeballs. Damn her body is amazing. Not amazing though... this routine which once again left one of my favorite couples looking the least connected and out of touch. Again with the strange Hip-Hop routine... someone needs to make sure this choreographer is not invited back because he just plain sucks. Singularly, they both were great but the judges were right - they were dancing two different styles. Watch the routine for yourselves and let me know what you think.

Thursday night another Bottom 3 couples will dance for their lives and two losers will get the ballet slipper ending their dance career once and for all.

My picks for the Bottom 3 Couples:
Dmitry and Aleksandra
Jessica and Jaymz (if for no reason but the spelling of his name)
Natalie and Musa (I hate to say it but I think they're in the B3 this week though there is not a chance in hell they'd send either one home before Aleksandra and Jaymz)

Let me know who you think CAN dance!

As always, head on over to to check out Sabrina's take on last night's competition. Also, check out who always has the videos and lots of pics.


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