So You Think You Can Dance
Results Show
June 22, 2006

I don’t know about you all but this results hour flies by much faster than when Idol does one, don’t you think? Maybe it’s because we get dancing, a musical guest, competition, and elimination instead of 45 minutes of Seacrest saying: “…after the break.” Regardless, fast hour last night as we found out who our Bottom 3 were and who got the Ballet Slipper ending their dance career once and for all!

The results show opening dance routines are fierce. It’s great to see all the dancers going at it in a choreographed yet still freestyle looking manor. Plus anytime there are writhing men with hot bodies on the floor I tend to like it.

Cat’s hair is OOC tonight. It’s like a lion’s mane. I know some people have yet to warm up to our British import but I find her truly entertaining, classy, and an excellent host. She’s not too personal, not too guarded, or too mushy. She can be short and to the point when she needs to be and isn’t afraid to push a contestant off stage or out of her spotlight!

The first group up for judging looks so nervous, it makes me love live television shows and the dashing of young hopes and dreams!

Joy and Dmitry are the first group called to the “Danger Zone” which seems new because I do not recall her ever saying “Danger Zone” before last night… I like it. Adds an element of death to the competition like if they really are dancing for their lives later in the show!

The second group couldn’t have been more obvious… these are America’s Top 3 Teams! My BF Travis Wall and Martha, BenGay and Donyelle, Musa and Natalie! All three teams are amazing and I for one think that they can in fact dance. All three teams are SAFE!

That means that our third group contains two of the bottom three teams. Only one team is guaranteed another week in this competition. Cat doesn’t pussyfoot around either. The first group into the bottom three is Aleksandra and Jason. And wait, the third team to dance for their lives is Cousin Heidi and Ryan? I guess, but seriously Cousin Heidi’s not going anywhere. If Grease taught us anything it’s that good girls made over with huge curls and slutty outfits go far in this world!

Dancing For Their Lives:
– Yawn… and I swear her face is getting wider each week. Is my screen on stretch mode? Her routine is so boring and safe and sure she looks okay but not professional.

Cousin Heidi is frantic but controlled, passionate and obviously ready to rumble. If this was West Side Story, Maria would be dead.

Aleksandra – Um, honey do you realize you’re on television… on a stage… in front of a live studio audience… Aleksandra, are you there? Um, she checked out the minute Cat called her out. She looked like she could care less. She looked like she was having a breakdown on national television! I love it. She’s so going home. Get it together already. Hello!

Dmitry – Were those flares in his pants always there? Is he a waiter as well? It looked like he cut up his apron and sewed it onto his gauchos. Regardless, that chest is hot and his body is to die for. Oh yeah, and he can dance too.

Jason – I just don’t get that “natural” style where it looks like they don’t know what they’re doing but really they do. It’s so manic and sloppy, it really does nothing for me. There, I’ve said it.

Ryan – His performance was very controlled but also very technical and boring. Spice it up kid! You are after all dancing for your life.

The judges left to deliberate and for some reason Mia was wiping her eyes like she had been crying. Seriously? Does she now have a heart? She didn’t the night before when she sucker punched Joy but whatevs.

Rhianna – obviously this is not Idol because I thinky someone lip-syncy.

The judges are back and its time to eliminate! God how I wish they would drop through the floor when they are eliminated. A big set of blades could be down there to chop them to bits… I’ve been watching too much Dr. Who. Sorry.

Joy and Jason get the ballet slipper this week creating a new couple in Dmitry and Aleksandra (who seriously is still in outer space somewhere). Where’s Cher when you need her? A nice slap, “SNAP OUT OF IT!” ala Moonstruck would do the trick. Aleks needs to pull it together because as we saw in that clip of pre-show rehearsal he’s a bear when it comes to partners. I bet he called Joy so many names in the last two weeks. She was probably happy to be rid of Dmitry John Mcenroe!

Now we have my favorite moment of the night. As the credits begin you can tell that all of the dancers are supposed to “dance to black”… dance freestyle until Fox goes to commercial. All the dancers descend around Cat in the center of the stage and start grooving. Someone grabs Cat and twirls her around like a ballerina and on the right side of the screen you can see Joy and Jason make their way out onto the floor.

Three or four of the remaining 16 contestants stop dancing and head on over to the two newest losers. Hugs, crying, emotional wrecks… then you realize that the remaining dancers could care less… they’re out their dancing their asses off. Joy who? Jason who? Those other kids are not playing around… this is all game and they are not missing a moment of screen or dance time to make nice with two kids they’ll never see again. The true colors came out and I smiled a devilish blackened heart of a smile as we fade to black!


A special shout-out to TVGuide Online reporter Sabrina Rojas Weiss for being one of the only tv news source reporters/bloggers out there pimpin' SYTYCD! For more from Sabrina including daggers to my blog eyes, head on over to her TVGuide blogs!


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