So You Think You Can Dance
June 21, 2006

First thought, Cat is way leggy. I know her dress is short but those legs are like a mile long and her hair is super conditioned and luxuriously straight… unlike me at the moment, hello gay much?
This Week’s Judges: Shane Sparks, Mia Michaels, and Nigel

I didn’t know if this week would follow the same pattern as last week where 2 teams did the same style (so you could compare). That question was answered quickly because as Cat’s throwing it to commercial… WAIT, DID SHE JUST SAY KRUMPING? No way she just said Krumping, did she?

First up, my BF Travis Wall and Martha who pull what style out of their hat? KRUMPING! That Brit wasn’t lying. Wow, Travis Wall krumping, that’s gonna be a sight. Oh sweet lord, Norma and Bud in Boise are gonna die when they see this. I’m not so sure Amerikkka is ready for Krumping… are you? Regardless, my BF Travis and Lanky Martha worked it out! That white boy is amazing and this week Martha nailed it too. I loved watching her skinny Olive Oil body slam around all aggressive and animalistic – this shit is crazy to watch. Mia summed it up nicely: “It’s dirty, raw, ugly and absolutely perfect!” Nigel thought it was too slow and simple then continued to show us the quick for a 60 year old British White Guy to have a heartattack… watching Nigel krump was hands down the funniest thing I’d seen all week! Did you notice how red he was after that performance?

Jaymz and Jessica will be doing the FoxTrot. I hope Norma and Bud have recovered because this is right up their alley. Why is that crazy Mary/Paula Abdul woman choreographing this routine? Honey, put on some more makeup and get some more Botox, you’re starting to melt with all this dancing. To me it always seemed like J & J were missing and/or reaching for each other the whole routine, like they were seconds behind one another. Next thing I know the judges are praising them up and down. Did I miss something? I know my dancer’s eye isn’t as professionally trained from years of viewing (like my singing ears are for Idol after 5 seasons) but come on… At least we got to hear some Sinead O’Connor! Fight the Real Enemy!

Ivan and Allison are doing Hip-Hop. This was fine and all but girl needs to lay off the smiling. Seriously, this is not Star Search! We get it, you had your teeth bleached, join the club!

Dimitry and Joy were once again cursed with a routine that one of them just can’t get… The Samba to Joy is like Kryptonite to Superman. She was just horrid and God Bless Mia for letting her know it too! Harsh, meow!

Next up Musa and Natalie who are obviously having sex with each other. They are hot business up on that stage. She’s alllllllllllllll over Musa and he loves every second of it. Their dance (though not my style) was on fire with the sexuality and the chemistry is unbelievable. Seriously, I had to change my underwear after this routine, it was like watching porn. Is it wrong to get a hard on watching contemporary/lyrical dance? WHAT?

Ryan and Heidi were up next and after the fuego set by N&M there I felt bad for Ryan and Heidi having to follow. My first thought was why did they dress Heidi like Whorey Sandy at the end of Grease? Seriously with that hair? Tell me about it, stud. I love how neither of them even knew what “Pop” dancing was. When it was explained as “video dance” I was thinking nSync or early Britney but instead we got a 4th grade dance recital with “literal” moves and all. Did you notice that Heidi had moves that matched the words of My American Idol Kelly Clarkson’s song? Why would a real choreographer do that? That’s what Ms. Hickey would have done for us in elementary school. It was bad. I loved how when Shane complemented them as the “group to beat” Mia screams out “Really?” Go girl!

Pre-Pre-Op Alexis Arquette and Ashley pulled American Jive out of the hat and I wanted to change the channel. Boring. Why is Alexis wearing a band-aid on his chin? Too many balls flying at it? We saw the scar or cut or herpes during the rehearsal video so just let it fly kid… that band-aid was ridiculous!

Aleksandra and Jason were the only one’s you could compare this week as they too had Hip-Hop. Girl is white, let’s leave it at that! Jason however is so damn good at hip-hop that I thought he was going to eat her alive out there. But I was so distracted for the whole performance because I didn’t know Nelly Furtado joined the competition. What, Aleksandra…

BenGay and Donyelle had the Cha Cha and it was Fah-Fah-Fabulous! They are an amazing couple as well as being incredible on their own. Benji is very versatile and seems to adjust easily to any style and Donyelle is just so magnetic on stage that even if she’s not completely in her element, she owns it! Again Mia had a great one liner to sum it up: “Divas Live Onstage!” Benji’s still all faces and she’s all attitude. It’s a great combo and as a couple right now, they are unbeatable.

Tonight is the elimination round as another 3 groups hit the bottom 3 and dance for their lives.

My Guess for Bottom 3:
Dimitry and Joy
Ryan and Heidi
Pre-Pre-Op Alexis Arquette and Ashley

Going Home:
Pre-Pre-Op Alexis Arquette

*thanks again to for having links to the videos from my favorite performances last night!


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