So You Think You Can Dance - Week 1 Results
June 15, 2006

Okay I had a double shock... first my DVR stopped recording as Stanislav was asked to step forward. I thought for sure it was to tell him he's safe and that lil Ivan is going home with his spangled bedazzled Jacko silver glove... then POOF! Cuts off.

I go online to see how harsh they were to lil Ivan only to find out that Stanislav has been kicked out! How on earth did that happen? I blame it on George Bush. Or Oprah. Yeah, Oprah. I don't know, what the hell just happened? Stas was amazing during his Paso Doble (SYTYCD is so educational, I had no clue what that was 24 hours ago) and he can move those hips like Elvis baby! I am utterly floored right now.

His partner Erin got the boot (or should it be ballet slipper) as well. Sure she deserved to go, but Stas? Not in a million years. Speaking of Erin, I think she fell prey to the McPheever Nerves! She just didn't seem like herself because when they showed her "SYTYCD Moments" she was so strong and confident in her moves - nothing like we saw during the live performances last night. I didn't even realize that was Erin to tell the truth. Poor thing.

Does anyone know their justification for ballet slippering Stas? Did Nigel give a reason? Did Mary cry a zillion pig tears like Paula did when Elliott was booted? I'm still floored.

In brighter news, that opening number choreographed by Brian F. was amazing! And I don't normally like group dances nor do I like that type of music but whatever song it was had this great hypnotic beat to it and I got a little jiggy up in here! It really showed that Ivan is good and that once again my Travis Wall was even better!

Cat Deeley is good but she needs work in the wardrobe department. That spotted animal print would look better on... oh I don't know... a spotted animal instead of a human. Just a thought Cat. She must have been told to stall when giving results too because it was like watching that wench Teresa Stasser back in the day on While You Were Out... Cat might as well have been quizzing a homeowner on what favorite color their friend would choose for a bathroom - it was awkward and stagey... Cat's better than that, so something was up.

Nelly Furtado, honey I've loved ya for years but I had to actually fast forward through her whole performance. I know she slimmed down but there were caverns where her cheeks once were... Call Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, and SLohan get thee to a burger joint!

Tell me what you think and I'll post any videos I find later.


  • Our Tivo cut off as well. It was a tense moment and when I came onto here this morning and read that Russia was kicked off I was very surprised! Unreal.

    By Anonymous Damon and Carlton, at 6/16/2006 11:26:00 AM  

  • Ahh! I love this show. Not-so-guilty pleasure. I felt bad for Erin too, she was really cute.

    By Anonymous tiff, at 6/20/2006 02:22:00 PM  

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