Fear Factor Freakout!
*Update: FOUND IT!!!

Apparently I missed one hell of a Fear Factor last night. Lil Jenn called and then shot me an email replaying the Jonathan/Victoria, Victoria/Johnny Fairplay, Jonathan/Joe Rogan, chaos! This may be the first reality show where contestants actually came to blows... and with the host!

Take it away Lil' Jenn:

Jonathan: “I won’t make a prediction to time, but I think we’ll do well”

Victoria had to go down a well to retrieve a skull. Screams because “something’s in the water”. Johnny Fair Play (JFP) is screaming “you can’t do it” “Jonathan she’s dead weight”. V and J are now screaming obscenities at one another over the fact that she got then skull only to drop it back down the well. V gets the skull back hands it to J. J leaves her to fend for herself to get out of the well. A few “*&^^*** assholes came out of her mouth.

J has to retrieve skull off pole from other side of muddy gross swamp. The entire cast is screaming heckles at them at this point and J is actually kind of laughing.

V goes into drain to get skull where there was a croc. The croc turns around, tries to looks at her (btw-skull is placed beside croc’s tale) and V scrams like nobody’s business only to scream and hyperventilate. JFP anoints himself as the “cerebral assassin” to the camera. Continues to scream at J that V is worthless and that she can’t do it. Too much for V. she quits.

V marches out of the water, up to JFP, calls him a fucking asshole and punches him as hard as she can in the stomach. Joe Rogan says “You can’t assault people, it’s strategy”. She continues to scream at Joe and he counters with “ you and your husband might hit each other but you can hit other contestants”. Now J is in Joe’s face screaming “HEY HEY HEY HEY” and Joe is screaming back “HEY HEY HEY HEY”. They are pretty much knocking chests by this point. Next camera shot is J being held in a headlock by Joe. Miz breaks it up. JFP states something to the effect of “Joe Rogan is much tougher then Probst”. To which I say, “duh”. You don’t see Probst out there in the heat any longer then it takes for his hair product to start breaking up.

This recap can only be appreciated if you see the live version. I may never delete it off my faux-vo.

I'm scouring YouTube right now because I HAVE TO SEE THIS! God Jonathan is a cunt and I'm so glad that Rogan actually decided to "go there," a place Phil only thought about going when those two abuse babies were on The Amazing Race. He should be slapped in the face with a chainsaw then dropped down that well. And I in no way shape or form condone violence but I think I'd punch Victoria around too, she's a double douche.

And I missed The Miz holding court as ringleader of this circus fight!

From realitytvmagazine... Jonathan's "Truth" on the confrontation:

Reality TV Magazine: What did Jonny Fairplay say that upset your wife Victoria?

Jonathan Baker: Victoria, you’re a baby and f***ing loser. This was after he and Rogan heckled Victoria for the entire stunt. Victoria felt she was supportive of him when he was doing the stunt. Victoria thought that he was more of a friend then that and would show a little loyalty since we took him to dinner the night before and treated him to many things. Yes, he was playing the game, but Rogan pushed him to go to far. Rogan and the producers fired him up. When you think you have a license to kill, you jump all over it. They gave him that gun to shoot. I was not involved until the end when Rogan went off on Victoria and would not let up. I thought I needed to step in. I said enough and that's when Rogan’s ego blew a fuse and he snapped like time bomb.

Reality TV Magazine: Is Victoria still angry at Jonny Fairplay?

Jonathan Baker: Jon called Victoria the next morning and said he was sorry and told us Rogan put him up to it because it was going to make for good TV. He said he did not know what got in to him after Rogan said bring it on Fairplay.

Reality TV Magazine: There seem to be gaps in the NBC preview video. After we see you get in Joe Rogan's face, then it flashes to what appears to be Joe Rogan trying to put you in a headlock. What happened during the missing segment on the preview video?

Jonathan Baker: I told him “hey enough,” and he moved off Victoria and on to me. It was like calling off a grizzly bear.

To finish reading on this ridonkulous story, click here.


  • Bloody fucking brilliant.

    By Anonymous lil' jenn, at 6/14/2006 08:38:00 AM  

  • Glad you can pat yourself on the back!

    I'm still pissed I haven't seen it yet.

    PS - I think I have mono. I'm so tired I could just lie in a pool of my own filth.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 6/14/2006 09:35:00 AM  

  • I'm freaking out that I finally found it on youtube! It's amazing!

    I love the whoreschelle was crying at the end - like it has anything to do with her! And though FF is way past its prime, Johnny Fairplay was right about this moment on this show... THE BEST EVER!

    I just fucking love that Rogan called Jonathan out on beating Victoria! It's AMAZING don't you think. And please, Rogan would sweep the floor with old blue hair. I hate Jonathan and Victoria, may their house and their persons fall into the pits of hell with the next LA earthquake.

    PS- still loving The Miz!

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 6/14/2006 10:52:00 AM  

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