Steve Carell, TV's Newest Diva?

So it's being reported that The Office's Steve Carell is receiving a raise for Season 3 over on our favorite NBC Thursday night comedy.

He will now be making $175,000/episode which is almost a cool $3mil for an entire season. Not too shabby! I think he deserves it but I have to say I am a little worried about his office work ethic.

It's also being reported that he is looking for a "flexible schedule" for Season 3 which would accomodate his "busy" film schedule that has come since his success from The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Office. Seriously? That annoys me, it sounds all sorts of DIVA-esque if you're asking. This is your job dude, a weekly series requires a commitment. I hate when stars try to pull off too many things at once, something always suffers in the end. I pray he doesn't start requesting Evian Shampoos like Blow Out's doucebag or for that matter that twunt Cameron Diaz.

Here's to hoping Stevie's eating some humble pie. God I hope he's looking for his modesty in that magnifying glass above. Has Evan Almighty given him a God Complex? That's What She Said!


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