Freshmeat's Ev Speaks Out Against Austin's Danny

On Ev's MySpace blog, she posts what should have been a personal email letter to Danny, her teammate from this seasons Real World/Road Rules Freshmeat Challenge but because she's ripshit and he's been bad-mouthing her all over personal interviews, she decided the more crazy way, and you know I love crazy!

Here's a snipet of the tart goodness:

"Five minutes into the game, you were blowing me off, refusing to speak to me, and I was already receiving warnings from people that you'd been a real dick the entire flight over and that they wanted you gone."

and later...

"Then you bragged about being an Abercrombie model, how your relationship was the greatest and how mine was doomed to failure, and how much you hated your fans who wanted to see you at your club appearances. And I was thinking to myself, my god, this guy's the most arrogant person I've ever met, and was wondering whether I'd find myself on your shit list the same way everyone else seems to be. "

Seems someone didn't have the best experience with Austin's smooshed face lion and his fiance. All I've read are nightmare stories about run-in's with Danny but this one's great juice because she actually had to be tied down with this kid in hopes of fortune courtesy of MTV.

Lil Coral Face Toucher is not pleased and is letting MySpace know it from end to end! Loves it. Good for her, I like that she's not willing to just back down but at the same time, isn't this just extending her 15 minutes of fame that if you read the article she blames Danny of doing as well? I don't care 'cause it makes good gossip and blog fodder.

For more on RW/RR Freshmeat remember to come back next week for my interview with a Veteran bad ass! That's right kiddies, another exclusive interview (like I'm fucking Maury Povich over here)...


  • What's with that picture? Is she even old enough to swear? I have not seen the show so I don't know who she is but I find these rivalry's entertaining.

    By Anonymous Billy, at 6/08/2006 11:07:00 AM  

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