It's Sunday... Family Guy, Footballers' Wives & Simple Life!

Okay so Peter just took a ride on The Great Space Coaster and I almost flipped my lid. This is quite the flashback to my youth. Good god I loved me some GSC when I was like 6. Family Guy is so fucking random I couldn't love it more. Just seconds later, a maid pulled a Colecovision unit from his bellybutton! This show amazes me sometimes. Genius.

In 30 minutes its two premieres I'm dying for! Footballers' Wives over on BBC America has battling bitches Tonya Turner and Amber (Ambuh) preggers and fighting to see which one will give birth first and which one bisexual daddy to both Conrad will choose to love more! I hear Amber kills her kid so Conrad will come running to her, leaving Tonya to fend for herself! These bitches aint playing around! I LOVE IT!

And my girl, Nicole Richie hits the airwaves again in the premiere of The Simple Life: Til Death Do Us Part! God, who else wishes Paris would have actually died during production? Well, besides Nicole, who? This show is and has always been about Nicole Richie! From the reviews I've read, again she steals the show! Can't wait bitch!


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