NBC Gets Even Lamer...

NBC, which has traditionally been the first network to unveil its fall programming to advertisers in the so-called May "upfronts," may give up the lead-off spot next year after seeing its rivals quickly target its most promising programs. Newsday noted today (Monday) that NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly made the unreported comment on Thursday, the day he announced numerous changes in the previously disclosed schedule, including shifting the network's much-anticipated new drama Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to Monday from Thursday, where it would have faced not only CBS's CSI but also ABC's Grey's Anatomy, both established hits. Reporting on the network's plans, Newsday commented, "Bowing out of the lead spot would represent a huge concession on the part of former market leader NBC and mark the end of an era for the network."

*Okay so this is the lamest cry wolf ever. It's like could you take more extreme measures so you aren't one up'd in 2007? Come on, get better programming and you won't need to worry about shuffling around you shitty schedule in the first place. All I'm sayin.


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