“Alias” 5 Years and Some Big Red Balls

While I did find the end of “Alias” to be entertaining and somewhat satisfying I can’t help but feel let down by the potential of the 5 years on whole. I’d like to see a treatment for the series when the pilot was conceived. Was J.J. Abrams always planning on having Rimbaldi be such a huge part of the show or did it morph into that when he left as showrunner to create some other projects? Did “Alias” go awry and get so far off track that he could never bring it back to the show it was meant to be? I need to know!

Without the answers, I can only say that overall “Alias” was an amazing thrill ride. At times hokey and at times a tad bit pokey, Syd kicked ass from SD-6 to The Covenant all the way to Prophet 5. Along the way she kicked some major players as well: Anna Espinosa, Evil Francie, Lauren, Her Aunt, Her Mother, The Dentist, and Sark! Oh Sark, Sark, Sark… how I love thee Julian. What’s not to love? He had the best line of the whole finale:

Sark: “Does it have to be so filthy? If Rimbaldi can prophesize the future couldn’t he tell me not to wear $500 shoes?”

Sorry, I don’t know how to recap the finale or how to recap the series other than to say Jennifer Garner was amazing. She went from wimpy and mousey Hannah to this killer sexy assassin with quite the ease and grace. She’s limber that Garner! Benny Boy is one lucky duck! Her disguises were always a hoot, her action scenes always intense and vicious! She could pull out some tears like noone’s business and then kick your teeth out! I like that in a woman.

Jack provided some stiff comedic relief at times, he always provided some incredibly chilling moments. There was nothing scarier than a hurt and super devious Jack Bristow. Victor garber really brought this no frills approach to Jack Bristow always making it believable that he was absent but willing to make amends. His undying love and hate for Irina Derevko was always entertaining. A fist fight almost always led to a kiss and I just wish that in the end he could have finally witnessed her demise.

Irina, WOW! Now that is a woman you do not want to mess with. She’ll kill her sisters, her kids, her husband, basically anyone living in the metropolitan areas surrounding London and Washington! She doesn’t care. And she’ll do this with style and sophistication. Whether behind bars Hannibal Lecter style or on the verge of global destruction lounging in Armani, Irina was the epitome of cool under pressure and a diva! I loved her! Who else can die so beautifully? That final Irina shot was gorgeous!

Sloane was evil to the core and now he gets to rot an eternity in Rimbaldi’s tomb. He was always so deliciously devilish that when he actually had a tender moment (Emily’s tragic death) it was believable and gave you a moment’s pause. Arvin Sloane was a great enemy – no denying that!

Marshall! How great was Marshall for these last 5 years? I loved when he went from geek to well geek on assignment a few years back. Marshall went Chloe before Chloe was even around! Watching Marshall undercover was always hysterical and tense. But the hilarity ended last night and I actually got some tears in my eyes when Marshall was being tortured and finally stood up to Sloane! It was his finest hour!

There’s really nothing else to say without going into the “Alias” annals and getting way to nostalgic. I loved it for what it was. Even when it was bad, it was enjoyable. That’s worth something, right?


  • Hmm...what does it say that you didn't mention Vaughn at all in your post? Forgetful, or are you not riding the Michael Vartan train?

    By Blogger Joobie, at 5/23/2006 04:26:00 PM  

  • Ya know, I do love me some Michael Vartan... love me some Michael Vartan! Are you kidding me, I wanted him to be my high school teacher so he could kiss me instead of Drew Barrymore! I'd let Michael Vartan do bad things to me, that's how much I love him.

    I however was never a die hard Vaughn/Sydney zealot. I did like them together and liked them apart. It was just never pressing for me that he live, or they be together. I'm glad they were in the end and I'm glad that they had their happy ending but to be truthful, didn't care one way or the other. I just wanted her to be kicking some ass and she did!

    I think I would have cared more if he had been around more this season so you would have understood and been able to see their undying affections.

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 5/23/2006 04:48:00 PM  

  • Yeah, you're right. I didn't feel much when Vaughn and Syd held each other on the rooftop after Irina's death; they'd had their happy ending long ago. The real height of their relationship was back when they made out among the ruins of SD-6. Forbidden love is so much hotter!

    By Blogger Joobie, at 5/23/2006 04:56:00 PM  

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