America's Next Top Slam Poet!

Jade is seriously the most deranged contestant to grace "Top Model" if not any reality show! She was so deluded and oblivious of her own being it was brilliance to watch! The things that would come out of her mouth week after week were priceless. I had to quickly share her final parting words as she was leaving the "Top Model" competition in 3rd place.

Her comments before the poem, cause she's like that:
"I have what it takes, its just that my look is in a different realm. People don't know how to handle it! This face will definitely be hard to forget. Jade will be hard to forget!"

And the poetry my black sistas:
"Left over lady
let alone the strongest to be subdued
If I only had the magic key that would unlock the realms to the pateau's of the highest me
Even though I've been badly bruised
living in a house to become a popular muse"
(finger snap, finger snap - latte is delivered)

Amazing! I just think back to what Joanie (second place) had to say about Jade earlier in the episode:
"Please send Jade home. Her personality smells like a dirty diaper."

Ain't that the truth Joanie, ain't it the truth.


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