Network Upfronts: Changings They Are a Brewin'

So you all read my freakout a little bit ago at The CW rumors - so you know I react quickly and sternly on the decisions network execs make. Hell I wished really bad things on CW Head Dawn Ostroff and we haven't even heard anything official from her yet. Imagine what that will bring on Thursday (besides a flamin' pile of shit on her doorstep).

So, NBC was Monday, ABC Tuesday. Here are the changes that effect my world.

Over on NBC they are moving "The Office" (finale recap) to Thursday at 8:30 which puts it up against CBS's "Survivor" but keeps it away from ABC's announced move of "Grey's Anatomy" (for recap of last night's finale click here) to Thursday's at 9. I'm hoping that when CBS releases their schedule that my beloved "Without a Trace" won't be messed with! That could make for quite the night of television! Going from "Grey's" to "WaT" sweet!

New NBC shows I'm interested in: "Heroes" (Monday's at 9pm which if rumors are true is fine because "Everwood" won't be on so that frees me up) and "Kidnapped". I just love the idea of ordinary folks like Greg Grunberg being superheroes and I also like the concept of following a kidnapping for a whole season. A lot goes on in planning one of those things, I mean in solving one of those things. I wouldn't know anything about planning one, I swear.

ABC's shocking announcement was that "Desperate Housewives" was still going to be on the air. I thought for sure noone was watching that piece of shit anymore but apparently someone is. Maybe I could leave a tape of "DH" on Dawn Ostroff's door come Thursday - it's all shit folks. "Lost" stays put and "Grey's" I already told you about. I am intrigued by "Six Degrees" which will air right after "Grey's" - could be good.

For more on the network upfronts, head on over to TVGuide - they have quite the rundown going (with tv grid and all).


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