Grey's Anatomy Season Finale: Seriously Burke Didn't Die?

Three hours is a hell of a lot to mull over and when I didn't start to watch the final two hours until after midnight (yes, less than 8 hours ago) its really hard to coordinate thoughts. My first reaction is that this was an incredible season that lived up to the hype and buzz this show has slowly been building since midseason 2005. They've walked the fine line between drama, comedy, quirk, and procedure. It's what Ally McBeal should have been all along. It's odd without being campy. It's dramatic without being over sentimental. It's comedy without being schtick. It's really incredible writing, even better acting, and folks really really engaging. I cry almost every week and if I don't cry I laugh my ass off! It's that darn good.

I will whole heartedly admit that in Season 1 I was a Mer/Der fan. How amazing was it to see Patrick Dempsey again and looking better than ever? Pretty Amazing! He was a boyhood crush so to see him up and working was like WOW, He's McDreamy! They had amazing chemistry and some super hot elevator time. What wasn't to love?

Then we were socked with the Addison reveal. What to make of this tall red headed vixen? Sure she cheated on Derek, sure she was the reason he moved to Seattle Grace in the first place, without her effin Mark, there would have been no catalyst for this show, sure we should have hated her but damnit if Shonda Rhimes hasn't made her one of the engaging (if not one of the most desperate) characters on "Greys." And seriously, she's wicked hot! Like a 1000x hotter than Meredith.

Stay with me, I think at one point there was a reason for this rant. Mer/Der... that's right. So I felt for Meredith in the beginning of this season. I felt for Derek too. He wasn't a low-down dirty cheating fool like we thought he was all summer! He was trying to move on. Meredith was his rebound that turned into love. I was rooting for them still. Then a couple episodes in I really started to fall in love with Addison Montgomery Shephard. I think it was the episode when the preggers woman was all judgemental on Meredith for cheating with Addison's husband and Addison actually had to stand up for Meredith and say, "It was me that cheated." It was a humble and amazing moment and told so much about Addison as a character. It just was perfect. She is an emotionally wrecked woman desperate to make amends and win back the man she loves. And could she be going more out of her way? She accepted the dog. She accepted the trailer. She accepted the "friendship". She's accepted and put up with a lot only to be dragged around like a wet blanket for Derek's affections.

Which brings me to my point, did I really ever have one?

McDreamy is now McDouche. From here on out he will only be refered to as McDouche. Okay?

McDouche has grown increasingly mean and spiteful to both Meredith and Addison as the season has progressed. He has taken out his anger and love on the wrong people. He treated Meredith like a leper for months, then he decides to be friends because that way he can admire he from closer all the while appeasing Addison. He gave Addison false hope all season! He moves back in with. He has sex with her. He week after week selfishly and devilishly crawls back to her after Meredith moves on from erection guy to George to Finn - making Addison's hopes rise and fall time and again. What he has done to both of these women is unbelievable. He has ruined so many lives in his selfish persuits and I for one hope he loses all of the women in his life. He's a douchebag everyone. A total DB!

Was I supposed to feel bad for him all season? I did for a little while. Was I in the end supposed to believe he was a victim? Bullshit. He's a douchebag. And can we talk about how old and rigid they made him look for the last month or two? Since he found out about Meredith sleeping with George, he's looked about 10 years older than he did in the beginning of the series. Where's light McDre... STOP. He's McDouche. Period.

Moving on to Rant #2:
Burke survives? Seriously? I know noone wants to hear this either but Burke survives? He with his God complex, cliched surgeon mentality and dedication? He survives? "Oh, I got shot and can't move my hands... I'm a surgeon without use of my hands... I'm worthless... wahwahwah. Somebody call the Wambulance Preston Xavier Burke's been shot!" Kill him for the love of God! Kill him. I love that Bailey knows his middle name is Xavier and McDouche isn't even aloud to call him Preston. Nice touch Shonda.

Right, my Burke hatred - all began with this whole lucky surgeon cap thing when he was going to operate on Denny way back when. Remember, that episode had the great Izzie scene where she threatened Christina! Loved it. But, I hated his whole supersticious "I need my cap, it's dire" routine. Save it. Do your job with or without the cap. Just do your job!

Second came that episode where he had to operate on his Jazz Musician Hero. This one put me over the top and I'm not talking Sylvester Stallone arm wrestling over the top - I'm talking eyes rolled into the back of my head until they came out my anus over the top! It was so overwrought with cliches. He must operate on his mentor. He must listen to his music to inspire and guide him. He must break down and question life when his hero dies because he couldn't save him. Whoa-is-me! I just can't deal with that whole been done before savior complex tainted by inspiration and tortured by brilliance crap. Shonda dropped the ball on Burke BIG TIME!

On the flipside, Christina was great! I totally believe she was having major identity crisis. I totally believe she plays to win and doesn't want to let anyone in. I totally believe she had to pull away from Burke because she really didn't understand this emotion she was having with him being all vulnerable. Christina Yang I get! Her plea to the Chief of Staff was amazing and so desperate. Sandra Oh is at her finest when she walks that line between inhumane/bitchy and compassionate. If last season was Sandra Oh's award winning season, then this season belongs to...

Kathrerine Heigl! she's gone from flippant and bubbly to seriously hardcore blinded by love to complete and under despair in quite a short time. We learned she had a daughter. She fell in and out of love with Karev (who btw pulled off the most amazing scene with Izzy at Denny's deathbed - wow!). Threatened to beat down Christina. Created and planned a surrogate Thanksgiving for all of them. Fell in love with a patient. Broke all sorts of rules because of said patient. And ultimately sacrificed her career and soul for said patient. All in one year! That's character arc if I ever saw one gang!

Can we talk about her meltdown on Sunday night? Hour 1 of 3? That breakdown about her not being alright if Denny left was her Emmy moment. It was frantic and all over the place yet controlled by so much hope. It's what Simon Cowell (and a zillion other talent folk) call the "WOW FACTOR." It made me cry like a bitch. Then she went all crazy, cut Denny's wire, killed him, brought him back to life, lied, cheated, and stole a heart from another surgeon and patient. Oh did I mention she dragged every other intern into her web of crazy? They had some moments, some sweet and needed moments between them and then in the end, Denny died! It was crushing but you knew it was coming, right?

She was in her prom dress, lying next to his turning blue body and it was just mortifying to watch. Heigl rocked it. I love that Karev was the only one that could bring her out of it. AMAZING! Damn he's hot. But this was an amazing night for Izzie Stevens and Katherine Heigl.

Okay, Meredith... I've been loving Mer since she went off on McDouche in the stairwell. Her "You don't get to call me a whore" speech is hands down one of the best on any show this season. It was powerful and necessary. It finally broke Meredith from this shallow, boring shell and empowered her for once! I liked it.

Also in the liking is Finn. Why with the Finn/McDouche dilemma. It's a clear choice. Pick the one that's emotionally available and kind to you. Pick the one that is willing to see making plans with you. Pick the one that isn't married and treated two women like shit. Pick the one that thinks of you first and rushes to the hospital to find you. Pick the one that brings a smile to your face like we haven't seen all season. Pick Finn Meredith, Pick Finn!

Better yet - Finn, pick Izzie! Or someone who isn't as unstable as Meredith. She did afterall finally commit that act of adultery she managed to avoid all season! That doesn't make her that good of a person. It just doesn't. People have free will. They do. And for both Meredith and Derek to throw freewill out the window and act like they have no choice in their destiny is superdickery. It bugs me. Damnit, I'm back on the Mer/Der thing. Ugh. I just really like that when she is with Finn he makes her smile and be all light. She actually seems to forget about McDouche and attempt moving on!

And another thing, when they put Doc down - didn't you think their whole "He was a good dog" back and forth was just a metaphor for their relationship and that finally they could move on? Apparently it WAS a metaphor for their relationship but it was to move forward? Was the sex they had at the prom finality sex for Meredith? I hope so. Poor Addison. Poor Finn. Sad.

Quickly, George looks so Cary Grant with that new haircut! His tearful apology and final forgiveness of Meredith was incredible. I love that she didn't say anything back. It was just a nice moment. Also nice and sexy as hell is Callie. That chick is balls to the wall one minute and then a petite little flower the next, all crushed and mortified that she said "I Love You" to George and then he disappeared. She didn't know the whole Denny thing was going on and he was helping his best friends. She didn't know that he really is falling in love with her. Hell, we didn't know George could be so forceful and hot while pushing Callie against the wall trying to get her to slow down and listen to him. O'Malley I do declare!

Until Fall folks... "Grey's Out!"


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