Beaver Snatches Wood(y)
Veronica Mars Season 2 Finale

First I'd like to point out that my counterpart in what started out as a He Said, She Said dual blog between Give Me My Remote and duckyxdale soon turned into He Said, She Said The Same Damn Things! How interested is a dual blog going to be if we have the same darn things to say about the same darn scenes and that same darn finale outcome! Curses you like minded fool (GMMR); she who seduces with naked door answering, chinese food, diet cokes, wireless internet, and lots of cynicism! How dare you! A Plague on the House of GMMR! A plague I tell you, a plague!

Okay, so seriously to see how the night went you just have to know that the PAUSE button was used way too much to squelch our 14 year old girly screams as each scene played out. The PAUSE button was used to hypothesize. The PAUSE button was unpushed once or twice because I was getting waaaaay too philosophical on my theories and reading into "Do You Smell Bacon?" a little too much. The PAUSE button was used when some computer dork and his tool of a girlfriend showed up at GMMR's house in the middle of VM (seriously, how dare) to see her apartment. Are you kidding? It's a monsoon outside and inside we're creating our own little river of tears and you interrupt? Balls kid. Balls!

First things first...

"My NAME is Cassidy!"

Holy Effin Shiite Beaver! I feared for weeks on this blog about Beaver's involvement with Mayor Woody's Stick and the Bus Crash! I feared for Mac after last week's promo's of her cowering naked beside a dirty bed. I feared for our little Cassidy Casablancas because he never was able to break from his life of torment and out of the shadows.

He was molested by Mayor Woody, he was tormented by Dick, he was ignored and dead to Big Dick, the PCH'ers beat him up, he got no respect! He was shy, introverted, and smart. He was a lost puppy. Even when things got good for him they were bad and even in the end he had no choice but to drop from the roof of the Neptune Grand because no matter what he does he will always be Beaver not Cassidy. It was incredibly sad to lose such a great character and a cutie patootie ta boot!

Sure he killed a bus load of kids, and Curly Moran... oh and Mayor Woody... well I guess he tried to kill Keith Mars, Veronica, and Logan as well but he was our BEAV! Oh I forgot he raped Veronica too a couple years back... FINE, he was a bad ass! We all have our faults. I once lit little plastic Smurfs on fire in my neighbors garage... we all have little quirks - don't be so judgey. *On a side note: Is it wrong that he was kinda hot all evil and toting a gun? Is that wrong? Fine, you win!

Numerous times during the episode GMMR and I had to pause and take in the fact that Yes, Virginia Beaver is involved. I just didn't want it to happen because it was someone you actually really liked and learned to care about. Oh well. Gotta move on!

The Roof...

So when he was nice enough to give Veronica (what, you thought I could just give it up) 60 seconds to call her Dad before he blew up Woody's private jet how sinister and evil was that? "Just so you know, I'm gonna kill your Dad but you have a second to say goodbye! No, I'll Wait! No seriously, I don't mind Veronica." Wait, What?

The whole roof sequence was pretty much the best sequence ever - before I left for work this morning I had already watched it 3 times. Kyle Gallner (Cassidy - I've got respect for the dead) was quite convincing in both the wounded and menacing rolls. He changed his whole face to become One Angry Beaver. His physicality just moved him from one roll to the next as he terrorized our heroine Veronica Mars!

I'm sure someone has already started a fund for ads in Variety so I just want to say... sign me up! If Kristin Bell doesn't get nominated and then win an Emmy for that roof sequence, its a damn shame. If she's not nominated I'm selling the pics of GMMR in a towel to the highest bidder. That's how I roll.

Back to the roof. Veronica's strength and then unbearable vulnerability was crushing. It's almost as she was working the pieces together right there on the roof, not wanting to really accept that they could be true. Just the horror on her face to have admitted that Beaver raped her. Gut wrenching! Then the Keith call (though generous) had me in tears - are you kidding me with the "Daddy" whimper - I lost it. Then the tasering (how do you like it bitch). Then the texting Logan. And as a side here, how amazing that Logan doesn't even flinch to come to her rescue. After all this time it really is just so apparent he loves her. He's her lobster.

Were you not freaking out when you thought Logan was going to coerce the gun out of Veronica's hand just to turn around and shoot Beaver? I mean, they just revealed to Logan that Beave raped Veronica... I thought "NO LOGAN! DON'T DO IT!" And he heard me! He didn't do it and just to show us all how much he changed, he actually was willing to talk Beaver down instead of what I like to think Old Logan would have done and just let the bitch drop. God Jason Dohring is grand.

Again, the roof scene... a keeper!


Seriously Lamb, you couldn't have waited another 10 minutes before grandstanding and arresting Weevil? For the longest time we've been waiting for Weevil's grandmother to have her moment and then Lamb swoops in and squashes it! Not cool. GMMR and I were both just screaming at the television!

With all the ass saving she did, Veronica should have known they'd cheer her on like a champ when she received that diploma... but that is a great testament to her character - she never once thought those 09'ers would show any gratitude - she expected nothing in return (but in all honesty, how could they not love her with that amazingly hot long blonde hair she's sporting) and that is true Veronica!

Ah, I truly do HEART DICK! Slap goes the ass then comes the dance! All the while accompanied by a very humble "Kiss Me I'm RICH" t-shirt! He's so introverted, it's really a shame Dick doesn't put himself out there for everyone to see more often. Shy boy.

The CW...

Hate to admit it, but I finally appreciated a scene with Duncan in it!

Duncan: "CW?"
Clarence Weidman: "It's a Done Deal!"

Oh Rob Thomas, you silly fox! Sly as can be with your double talk. GMMR and I were just wishing and praying for a live update from Stu Segall Studios or something showing a glowing cast screaming the praises and announcing to the world that Veronica Mars has been picked up for a third season! Alas, we were not granted that wish... Our prayers were not answered and Veronica was right... There is no Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. God Damn You!

I for one was not expecting Aaron Echolls to meet his demise when he did! And to then learn that CW was the shooter (the Kane Software Head of Security) and further more that Duncan was behind it all was a nice quick resolution. I loved it!

Man did that bastard Aaron Echolls deserve it or what? I know GMMR thinks I'm a fool, but I still think Veronica should have been the one to pull the trigger. I always wanted her to get the final act of vengeance... not only did he kill her best friend, he trapped her in an airless fridge that was on fire! I know she's not a killer, but if there ever was justification...


That bitch is cold hearted and I love her. She can sleep with whatever skeeze necessary to get what's needed from them, shower, walk out to a dead body, get dressed, dolled up and head on over to her Lawyer without a care in the world. Oh how much did that Phoenix Land Trust thing make her? A cool $8.5 million! Not bad for a years worth of work and one less step-kid to worry about!

Now if only we didn't have to wait three months to find out what's in that damned briefcase.

Mayor Woody...

Did he not have a tent in his boxers when he got up off the couch before hitting the head? And was that one of the fake deers we saw a couple episodes back that he tossed at Keith? High-sterical! I laughed my ass off at that scene. The Gutte will be missed. And what about him justifying it all by saying these boys needed a Father Figure? "Put Your Tiny Hands In Mine..." were not words meant for children Woody and you are not George Michael. Poof, no more.


I'm kinda pissed about the whole Jackie outcome. Seriously Tessa, you couldn't have dropped a hint in our interview. Seriously (the repetition of "seriously" is in ode to her upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" stint - beginning Sunday night at 10pm on ABC... Seriously). Email me.

I am pissed though. They put Jackie through so much this season and took so long to build her back up to then only give her like 2 seconds of screen time in which she needs to give some bullshit exposition about having a waitress Mom, a druggie and whorey past, and oh yeah... a 2 year old kid! I thought it was a real disservice to her character. Yes, all great plot and character developments, too bad we couldn't have time to accept them and to see how it really effects Wallace. He was willing to bail on his whole life to find her in Paris - she was that important to him and we get 2 scenes with her? One in which she lays out months worth of information as a last minute wrap up? I'm not well.

The open issues (off the top of my head)...

  • Sally - Are we really not going to find out what this means?
  • Amber - Does she know she's a bitch? Did we just need this scene to tie in Hart?
  • The Fitzpatricks involvement - Why such a focus on them if there is no payoff?
  • "Do You Smell Bacon" - I don't but did I miss something?
  • Derek Applegate - She never found him could he also be involved? Could he have changed his name and still be in Neptune?
  • The Briefcase - Kendall you Minx!
  • The Indians and Terrence Cook
  • The Kane Scholarship
  • The dream sequence to Veronica's alternate Graduation Day universe. Lilly is kinda alive, graduated, having an affair with some guys ex and smelling bacon. Veronica doesn't know Wallace. Wallace wears glasses and obviously hates the 09'ers which Veronica apparently never would have left. Veronica's dating "that boy" Logan Echolls instead of Duncan who's around, not with child. Dick's going commando (god that's hot) and that douche drunk of a Mother Lianne is in the picture. If this is her alternate or ultimate reality why is the Mom around? I know that bitch didn't take all of Veronica's money not once but twice... and what about that Bacon?

So to recap:

Beaver was molested by Mayor Woody, he sent the bus over the cliff because Peter and Marcos were going to out everything, two years prior he raped Veronica to show Dick he was a man, he killed Curly Moran, Killed Mayor Woody, then killed himself. Whew!

What an amazing episode! The last 30 minutes were pure shock and awe! The performances were out of this world, the chemistry amongst characters was spot on, and in the end Logan and Veronica are back together! What more could we have asked for?

An amazing Second season for Rob Thomas et al. Thank you guys for giving a boy a chance and flying me out to San Diego and giving me such great access to your sets and actors! Thanks for letting me attend the press conference, for giving us bloggers special press information, for sneak peek pics, and for the interviews! Thanks mPRm and my friends at Warner Bros. for hooking a brotha up! Thanks Tessa Thompson for such a great interview! Thanks Kristin Bell for sending us each a personal card! Who loves ya? Thanks to for always posting the best screencaps! And thanks for reading y'all.

Here's to Season 3 on The CW! For more on the finale, head on over to that always in the know schmo Michael Ausiello at TVGuide online for exclusive Rob Thomas info.

Now head on over to Give Me My Remote to see what that girl's gotta say!

Don't forget my interview with Tessa Thompson (below). Also, for all the fun Veronica Mars goodness like the Bloggers Press Day which has tons of pictures from on set, Beaver T-shirt, and audio from the Bloggers Press Conference browse around my site.

The devil on my left and the simpleton on my right!


  • great commentary - well worth the wait. and the whole time i'm thinking, wow, where are those awesome screen caps coming from.. of course you answerd my question at the end...

    By Anonymous theTVaddict, at 5/10/2006 02:15:00 PM  

  • I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the finale. As you know, I have suspected that Beaver was up to something for a while now too. I totally agree that the roof scene was AMAZING on Kristin Bell's part. She is a great actress and I teared up when the plane blew up and when Logan talked her out of shooting Beaver. What I don't really get is exactly why Beaver didn't want the other guys to out the mayor. In my reasoning, he wanted the mayor to go down which is why he bet against incorporation and made Kendall rich (which I still don't quite get either; maybe next season that will be explained), so outing him would definitely do the trick. I got that he was unstable and wanted to make his father and others notice him and/or pay, but I didn't get the rage that would cause him to murder all the kids on the bus. Aside from some great scenes, I thought the episode was very rushed, almost too much going on. I love the show and pray it gets picked up, and hope that the "new" format of three mysteries will focus season 3 a bit more. What year is Dick by the way? He adds such comedy that I hope he will be back somehow. As far as bacon goes, I took it to just mean that she was waking up from her dream because of the smell of cooking bacon. So when she said it during the puppet show with her dad, she thought she was waking up to her dad cooking breakfast. But at least Logan was there to console her until Keith finally showed up alive! I absolutely love Logan and Veronica! I hope they have a fun summer...and can't wait to see what the fall has in store for our favorite Neptunites!

    By Anonymous Donna, at 5/10/2006 03:11:00 PM  

  • Sorry it took me so long to comment, I just stopped laughing at the George Michael comment.

    To answer some of your questions: The Amber thing was simply a mistake, same with Kendall, it's just simply money inside instead of some insane Pulf Fiction type thing, Terrence will be the Indians indentured servent until he pays off his debt, Angie Dahl gets the Kane scholorship because Vee walked out of a final.

    But my question is what does it say about Ronnie is she's dreaming about Dick going commando? I'm really hoping she finally give Logan the boot and throw on a "I (Heart) Dick" t-shirt.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 5/10/2006 04:31:00 PM  

  • I started watching Season 1 a few days ago, and Veronica used the name Amber when she was helping that chick Wallace liked in the school's office get her money back that was scammed from her from the computer geeks (Ep. 4) I'm sure its just a coincidence but thought it was weird when I saw it. :)

    And I know I may have never suspected Cassidy for the bus crash based solely on the fact that I didn't WANT him to be the villian. At least maybe we can get The Flash back for an ep. or 2 of Smallville now ;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/13/2006 11:53:00 AM  

  • the do you not get the bacon??? Someone smells bacon in her dreams because when she wakes up shortly after they mention that, someone is in the kitchen cooking bacon! DUH!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/01/2010 09:03:00 PM  

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