So I've made it through finally. I've been trying since Thursday morning to get through and finally have... twice.

When you call and are connected, you get a very soft soothing female voice that says: "Welcome to the Hanso Foundation. Reaching out for a better tomorrow."

Then some German (?) radio station's hold music comes on, a male announcer says something I don't understand and then you're connected through VERIZON.

You receive options:
Press 1 for general information about the Hanso Foundation.
Press 2 for Mr. Hanso

I pressed 1 on my first call to see what I would get. The address begins: "The Hanso Foundation is located at 544..." then the vocals start cutting in and out, then noise/disturbances begin. A younger sounding female voice transmission comes across the line (barely audible). Someone named Persiphany comes on and instructs: "Do not listen to their lies!"

It all happened so fast! The regular voice comes back on and gives out the webite and says that a password will get us logged on. I never got the password. ARGH!

I'll call back damn hatch lovers!

Again I press 1 because I want to hear that message from Persiphany again. This time it goes all the way through giving out company info without any disturbance. It gives different information then just hangs up on you! What? Come on Hanso!

*Next time I'm going for the big guy Hanso himself. I'll keep you posted.


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