American Idol - Arrivederci Paris!

Okay so the sap in me actually felt really bad when Paris was booted last night. Sure, someone had to go and I'm glad it was Paris over Kat, Chris, or Elliott but still when Daniel Powter starting singing about Paris' "Bad Day" I got a little sad. But ya know what, for a 17 year old, the girl has some amazing poise and grace under pressure. If I was on this show, I'd be screaming and throwing myself on that floor, hell I might even pick up Seacrest and throw him through that digital screen behind us! I would not go quietly. All I'm sayin'.

Let's talk Kat for a second, shall we? Did you see how nervous she was all night? She thought for damn sure she was going home tonight and I will admit, I was nervous for her. I was just as surprised as she was when Seacrest (who reportedly broke up with drip face Teri Hatcher an hour after that beach date) called Elliott's name for that bottom 2. She was visibly shaken. Flash forward to when Paris is singing "Kiss" one last time (which was 100% better last night than her performance on Tuesday), the camera cuts to Kat and the other Idols dancing along and Kat looks like she is in a daze. She's robotically swaying side to side staring into space blankly and barely clapping hands to the beat. She was in outerspace... kinda like Paula each week.


  • 1 down 1 to go. It has to be the drunken amish dwarf (Elliott) next!! Sorry can't stand to watch him. The final three Taylor, Chris & Kat..And by the way I meant to say resemble not resent.. Did you notice Paris didn't cry last night?? So sick of her fake tears every week. She's such a drama queen! Still can't belive you like Elliott. You have no taste. eeeewwww! He over sings every song & sounds like he's hugging a "tickle me elmo doll" when he sings. He's gotta GO!

    By Anonymous db*tch, at 5/04/2006 09:13:00 AM  

  • OK, I admit it. I have been sucked back in. Who the hell has been voting for Taylor?! His performance of Play That Funky Music was by far the worst I have ever seen on AI. I had to leave the room it was so bad. He didn't even SING. I pray Chris and Kat are the final two.

    By Anonymous Donna, at 5/04/2006 12:27:00 PM  

  • Donna, welcome back to the fold... I know it was hard for you but we all welcome you with open arms! Oh, someone should totally sing "Open Arms" by Journey. I'd love it.

    I do not vote for Taylor, so don't look at me. He needs to go and how!

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 5/05/2006 11:02:00 AM  

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