Veronica Mars "Look Who's Stalking" (Part 2)

First off, we've all already been drooling over the Logan/Veronica scenes and with good reason. Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring pulled out probably some of their best acting skills last night. From one of their infamous torment each other with witty banter scenes to Logan checking out Veronica's smoking hotness at the party all the way to Logan's drunken confession of heartbreak we hung on every wet word uttered (and salivated on those unspoken moments between them even more). Watching the two of them run circles around each other verbally is orgasmic; its sexy, sweet, sassy and reminiscent without being over sentimental or predictible. Its HIS GIRL FRIDAY dialogue for a new generation and I can't get enough!

I will never forgive Logan for that final crushing blow to Veronica - it took everything she had to return to him and offer up some kind of reconcillation only to find Kendall slinking around his amazingly hot body. Veronica's last tearful glance at Logan as the elevator door shut was hands down a moment that separates this show from the rest of the pack.

Veronica Mars delivers the goods any way you look at it... Its funny, smart, witty, edgy, dark, complicated, sinister, and mysterious - how this show is not in the Top 10 is beyond me.

Let's have a moment to collect ourselves shall we? DEPUTY LEO IS BACK! I've always had a very very soft spot for Leo - his shy vulnerability and wicked smile have always made me melt... like an M&M I'll melt in his mouth not in his hands. Good God I do love Leo! I have to assume that bringing Leo back for 2 scenes is really only the beginning to a bigger storyline. I hope so at least, he deserves more screen time. Come on, he's legendary and his return led to one of the best quotes of the night:

Gia: "Leonardo D'Amato? God what kind of loser is that?"
Veronica: "Greek/Italian... I used to go out with him!"

While we're on the quote wagon let me once again give major props to Dick Casablancas who shot this zinger across the Alterna-Prom while lugging around a beer ball contraption called The Beer Hog!

Dick: "Hey Shelly... speaking of PORK - wanna meet my hog?"

God he's a piece of work. If he has anything to do with the bus crash I will be sorely disappointed. We cannot lose this comic genius!

Also high on the comedy last night was Mac. Tina Majorino has really become a welcomed addition to the cast and deserves a full time slot in Season 3.

What else? We finally got a frightening glimpse into the legend that is Lucky, the Neptune High Janitor that for some insane reason the Mannings wanted to hook Anorexic Meg up to. Um, people under the stairs much? Gross city! Mayor Woody's buff! Madison Sinclair makes yet another great appearance and faces the witty double entendreau of Veronica for bedding Lamb. Veronica saves Jackie from the now infamous Spit Drink! And we got yet another supposed "throw away" line that is more telling than trash...

Jackie (to her bed ridden Father): "I learned the birds and the bees the hard way, remember?"

I'm chalking this one up there with Beaver's "Sally" comment from "Aint No Magic Mountain High Enough" I don't recall rape stories or sexual promiscuity in her past, do you? Yet another mystery for Season 3?

Oh and Veronica has VD.


  • Remind me again what Beav's "Sally" comment was? Did they talk about that in Austin and I forgot???

    By Anonymous GMMR, at 4/27/2006 01:26:00 PM  

  • AHAHAHA, ask she who shall not be name... she'll tell you!

    Remember when Dick went down on the tranny in the parking lot of the winter carnival? Beaver obv paid said Tranny to show up and dupe Dick. Anyway, Dick went to punch Beav in the face and Beav said something like "Remember what happened to Sally" and poof, Dick walked away and then Logan said his infamous... "Would that you could, spit out the memories"

    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 4/27/2006 01:39:00 PM  

  • I just assumed that one of the reasons Jackie had to move in with her dad was she whored herself out to most of NYC. I do remember her saying she had multiple older boyfriends. Although with the "hard way" comment, I wonder if maybe she left a baby with grandma back in NYC.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 4/27/2006 03:46:00 PM  

  • You know what I say to babies...


    By Blogger duckyxdale, at 4/27/2006 04:06:00 PM  

  • Yeah, I wouldn't be too surpised if that's the case either.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 4/27/2006 10:25:00 PM  

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