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American Idol - Bucky Covington Heads Back To Hicksville

I am so pissed that Ace Young is still in this competition. I'm not saying I thought Bucky was robbed or that he didn't need to go but as long as stupid contrived face with groomed beard and dumb hair is still floating around that stage and ruining my Idol viewing experience I will not be a happy man! He makes me sick just by looking at him. "Oh look at me with my fucking too long hair and George Michael beard... Look at me cry when my family talks about missing me... Look at me as I wipe non-existent tears from my cheek while the camera is on a close up of my rosey cheeks..."


I'm liking Elliott Yamin more and more. Maybe its that we've learned he should live in a plastic bubble with all the medical issues he's had or maybe its that he actually can sing and I've been able to look past that mouth of his and Rocky Dennis "Mask" chin... but he's growing on me! I felt horrible when Seacrest made him sing. Elliott was like, "um, no thanks..." and felt so awkward. Poor guy he thought for sure it was a trick and he was going home. Nope, not yet.

I'm glad Chris Daughtry's wife has started showing up for the competition. I felt back thinking she was at home with those kids worrying that her hot man is out there in LA sleeping with everything that moves - so I'm happy she's out there to throw down if needed! It's cute. And could he sound more like his Father? That was cracking me up, if you closed your eyes, it was Chris talking about Chris. Strange.

My prediction for the Final Two (if there is any justice in the world)
ready to be made:

America's Next Top Model - Leslie We Barely Knew Ya

Someone needs to slap Jade in the teeth. Again, another travesty has occured in eliminations - how on earth Jade is still in this thing is beyond me. Sure she makes for excellent television but its starting to get to the point where keeping her around is showing the true signs that this show is not a modelling competition as much as it is truly a reality show.

Last week when Mollie Sue was eliminated and Drag Queen Jade was able to advance I knew that eliminations were no longer based on looks but on which girl makes the best television - this show is losing integrity (if possible). How the judges were talking that Jade looked incredible this week is beyond me. She straight up looked like a 90 year old withered hag.

Put Jade on a bus that's carrying Ace Young that is speeding toward a brick wall paving way for a firey death for both of these two demons!

My new faves are Furonda, Danielle, and Joanie! Danielle and Joanie are fierce on that runway, they can work it out. I love how Joanie has made it her personal mission to beat Jade. If only she'd carry a stick and some matches when she went in for the beatdown! Furonda... Furonda is just making me laugh so much each week that I've actually come around to Team Furonda! Remember she handed out the Furonda Rules back in the beginning of the season? That girl is a trip!

If you've not read the interview TVGuide did with Mollie Sue, please do because she knows whats up with Top Model. She knows its a reality show first and foremost. She talks about how evil Jade is and how Cover Girl would never want a crazy ass psycho as their spokesman. She also exposes how out of touch Tyra is with the girls. Check it out! She's amazing!

Lost - Rose & Bernard

I've always had a soft spot for Rose! I've loved how she yearned, longed, and never gave up waiting for Bernard. I love how she's intuitive enough to know that the island has powers. I love that she was not afraid to die - that she had made peace and that in the end has found reason to live (in Bernard and the island). Basically I just love me some Rose! She's beautiful, powerful, and one hell of a woman! We need more of her I've decided. When she let Locke know she knew he was paralyzed before the crash, it was such a great moment!

Henry Gale is still one evil creepy ass dude and I find that kinda hot.

Speaking of hot, good god when Jack and Kate were trapped in that netting! The writhing, the closeness, the sweaty hotness of it all as she fumbled for the gun was almost too much! They are hot business and I hope we get a little more Jack/Kate action before the season is over.

Here is my final thought on the last seconds of the episode...

"Oh crap, loook its Michael" I could not have been more uninterested in his return. Just kill him already! They need to get real on this island and start Lord of The Flies'in it! Start killing and start with Michael, Walt, and Charlie!


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