Someone Needs To Stop Chad Michael Murray...

... before he ruins another girls life and career!

... before he marries this barely legal chick forcing Sophia Bush to boil bunnies in pots on his stove.... before he makes another constipated and not sexy facial expression.

... before producers question hiring him based on the number of singles girls already hired for a production - eventually the odds will not be in his favor.

... before he lives out the real life Big Love.

... we learn that he's Mormon or whatever religion it is that is into polygamy.

... before a sequel to House of Wax is made.

... before Dawson comes home and realizes this blonde imposter is filming on his set.

... before we find out on that his talent rider requests young virginal girls be at his beckon call for marriage.

... before the gays start rallying against him like we did when trailer park Britney began her marrying spree in Vegas to Jason Alexander. People don't want us to marry but CMM can marry once a year - why not?

... before I write another line.

... before, damnit!


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