ANTM - "The Girl With a Head Like A Lightbulb!"

When Furonda said she had a head shaped like a lightbulb I damn near peed myself. She is too much and I am really starting to like her. Not her face or toothpick stature - but there is something I kinda enjoy.

I guess its not surprise that timid Gina got the boot last night. Sure she had high cheek bones, sure she could be made up to look pretty but that girl had about as much confidence as a red-headed stepchild at a family reunion. She was just so damned weak that no matter how good her photos were, there was just no chance in hell she was making it.

And what about Janice, who I love, screwing Gina like that? We've all seen Janice enough to know that if Gina didn't rat out Jade she would have ripped her a new ass - so Gina sells out Jade and what happens? "You're dead to me bitch!" was Janice's response. Are you kidding me? You just got done witnessing her vulnerability in the competition and within herself so why push it any further? That was wrong.

What was right folks? Danielle! That girl is slowly becoming this incredibly funny and insighful commentator in the house. When Tyra took 10 minutes out of her busy schedule to talk with the girls (please bitch, you got more time to talk to them individually so just do it - quit putting us on) about their future goals and Jade spouts out how she wants to be a kindergarden teacher and they cut to Danielle saying how she would home school her kids if Jade was a teacher - I bout damn near died! It was brilliance! She is growing on me every week and I don't even mind the Grand Canyon gap between her teeth anymore!

Let's discuss the preview for next week. On ANTM they barely show you the corner of who passes out. She looks blonde - is it possibly Joanie? I must know. Then on Veronica Mars, they show you that its fake ass Tyra passing out in front of the girls. They all rush over to her aid - all except Mollie Sue who is sitting over in the corner chewing on her nail like "I ain't helping her crazy ass" I'm right there with ya honey 'cause you know its a trick. Next weeks challenge is all about "acting" and we all know Tyra's on a short list of women in Hollywood who are due for an Oscar. Bitch please. If she really passed out while filming you don't think that would have made front page of every gossip rag in this country? Uh-huh - don't be duped.


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