ANTM - "You're leading with your nose"

I'm not gonna lie, I do not have much to say about this week other than to say that Keri was robbed. Sure she's a little bland but she is so damn pretty its a shame they let her go over BlandGina who was so unprofessional and psychotic during her bejewled cockroach challenge that she should have been packing her bags and catching the crazy train back to Florida. She blows.

Um, can we mention how insane that Vivian Westwood shoe challenge was? Um, painful much? Poor Keri, Poor Mollie Sue, and Poor Danielle! Damn when she took that spill it hurt me to just watch. OUCH!

Furanda "E.T." with a Wig just gets uglier and uglier each week. This week when she busted out in those Westwood shoes and had to compose herself a couple times I (not kidding) thought she looked like a drag queen version of MS. J (is that even possible - would that be a drag king?) Poor Furanda! She's Fuganda!


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