Veronica Mars "Versatile Toppings"

What's better than watching pizza boys get jumped for their iPods and random cash? That would be watching the look on Veronica's face when she realizes that Logan's new girlywhirly's Father is a the man fingering Logan in Felix's death... sounds dirtier than it is unfortch!

This was the first VMars episode to air since my set visit last month for the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day! I loved finally having a reference to where they are shooting, the angles, and the orientation of the school and other sets. Like Lamb's office looked much more welcoming in this episode than it did in real life. The lighting director must be amazing!

And I know some of my friends are going to scream but I have to say that I actually was not taken out of the scene or disturbed by Laguna Beach reject Kristin Cavallari's turn as a decieving high school lesbo with a heart of coal. When she proclaimed: "Because I'm a cold bitch!" to Veronica... I believed it and I actually chuckled. Its a testament to the writers for fleshing out her character if you really want to know.

I really enjoyed watching Jason Dohring in this episode, not because he's so damned cute but because seeing him turn on and off the charm with Hannah at the drop of a hat was pretty great viewing! It really speaks to his acting abilities, esp after having met him and knowing how shy he is in person. And I'm not even going to get into the fact that last night I had a dream about him where Veronica was in the bathroom and Logan and I made out for a while. Yes, in reality I could go to jail for such underage acts but in my dream it was hot business... and hey, he's 24 in real life so all is fair in love. To dream again!

Now the critical part... I really wish they had done one of those 1 hour reality show recaps before airing this episode. It has been 7 weeks or something since we last saw our favorite sleuth and that is a long time to be THAT removed from the bus crash mystery and all the little clues that have been dropped here and there over the course of the season. I am a die hard fan and needed a refresher! Sad but true. I just felt like there was so much crash development in this episode buried in the pizza/gay storyline that I may have missed some special intel. I hope not! It was crash crazy and overall a great episode (even though Rob had told us this was one of his least favorite of the season - citing poor casting as a show breaker - *cough* Laguna *cough*)

Did I mention that I was making out with Jason Dohring last night? I'm so 12 years old.


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