ANTM - "She looks like E.T. with a Wig!"

Furonda... it is all I can do to not just laugh when she is on screen. She not only looked like E.T. with a wig, she hands down looks like a Cracked Out Welfare Momma. And that skin? I feel like Pizza tonight. Does she have the measles? What is going on? The power of model touch-up huh? Damn. What about her Furonda Rules? Was one of them "Do not come to me for anything unless it is an emergency?" This girl is whack and I love every second of it.

Jade is a nightmare. Did she leave her meds "in the belly of the beast" back in NYC? It's like multiple personalities with her and not in a fun way, this is more Michael Keaton Multiplicity and wach episode the new Jade is a little dumber and defective? If she stays on for a couple weeks, we'll see barely upright and drooling Jade and I'm all for that!

Mollie Sue is still my favorite. They complained that she was giving the same look in each photo... yeah that look is called fierce and model-like! My girl rocks.

Sara or whatever her name is that got that 80's bleach blonde do and cried all the way to her boyfriend about it needs to go next! I don't see what the judges still claim to see and we all know that when a model resists the makeover, they are short for Tyra's world!

Nnenna rocked that bald head and I love how she said it made her feel empowered! I also love that she is truly the nicest contestant in Top Model history. She picked Jade and Gina to get in on her win in hopes of them finding common ground and becoming friends. That didn't last because the first thing out of Gina's drunk mouth at that boutique was "I don't care for Jade... I did my thing then she did hers..." If Nnenna doesn't win (which she won't) at least give her the Nobel Peace Prize of Modelling.

Is it still me or do the rest of these girls not surprise you everytime they show them? They started to critique girls like Joanie, Leslie, and Danielle and I wondered when they got new contestants. Some of these girls just do not stick out in my mind yet, and that is sad because I'm usually pretty good at remembering these names and faces.

Now I also cannot be the only one out there that thought Kari looked exactly like Frederique Van Der Wal back in her heyday of lingerie modelling?

Okay now lets get down to business... Naima? For real? She is buttass ugly and I almost couldn't look at or worse LISTEN to her! She sounds and looks like she should be floating on a cloud and not like an angel but in some qualude haze. Her makeup looked like a blind 4 year old did it with the huge rosey cheeks! She is so bland she just faded away. She might as well have been wallpaper because she made that little of an impression on my television. And the sideburns? Who the hell thought her big Italian sideburns looked good? She's not a Soprano, she's supposed to be a model. Covergirl must hate her! Oh I can't deal if they drag her out one more time.

And in the most disappointing development of the night... Tyra's lashes and bangs barely touched. I WAS PISSED! The minute I spark notice, she'll never do it again. Keep a trained eye on those bangs though because for a brief moment they did connect and lift so this week, we're raising the tally by a half.

ANTM Cycle 6 Trya Lash/Bang Annoyance Tally:
I 1/2


  • Jade is whack! I think Tyra and the judges are right, though, it's all a cover for her insecurities. I kind of feel bad for her that she feels the need so badly to build herself up. I love Nnenna as well. She nice and a total class act!

    By Blogger TVFan, at 3/16/2006 02:56:00 PM  

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