Grey's Anatomy - March 12th

Am I really that much of a sucker for the music induced emotional montage? Apparently I am folks as I once again got teary eyed during the last few moments of this past episode. How can I be that gay? God.

This week�s Grey highlights:

- The return of that fiery female doc with the hots for George!

- George giving himself quite possibly the worst television haircut this side of the The Utah Mothering Mullet.

- George being so adorably short that he can�t even reach the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet.

- Izzie�s obsession with tooth-ache cute in need of a heart Denny.

- Alex pointing out the inappropriateness of Izzie�s obsession.

- Alex�s jealousy and inappropriate bravado with tooth-ache cute in need of a heart Denny.

- Christina�s utter disgust and inability to adapt to babysitting.

- Christina�s utter disgust and inability to adapt to George and Burke�s puppy dog friendship.

- The not selling out of Christina�s true character while forced to babysit or go home to her now changed home.

- Meredith�s ability to keep boundaries with McDreamy though he�s more than willing to forgive them.

- McDreamy�s ability to do the �friend� thing though it emotionally ruined him to hear of Meredith�s dirty little George secret.

- Addison�s need for attention and affirmation.

- The consistent roller coaster that is McDreamy and Addison�s relationship.

- The use of music, voice-over, and montage to emotionally manipulate the viewer on a week to week basis.

Now, my one and only complaint of the week:

- The complete lack of gratitude Bailey had after Christina gave up her day and her true passion to babysit the boss� child. It pissed me off and I understand Bailey didn�t say thank you or I�m sorry because she herself was pissed at her situation, but it was wrong and gave me a reason to question Bailey�s character for the first time in 2 seasons.


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