Gay & Lesbian Times "Veronica Mars" Article

So my friend Anthony works in San Diego for the Gay & Lesbian Times and he was lucky enough to score an interview with Rob Thomas, creator of "Veronica Mars" just days after I was out there for the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day. Our event was mentioned (shout out) but the article is a great read. Click here for the full article!

Thanks Anthony!

Also, he happened to catch them filming this past Wednesday night near a friends house and had this to say:

Also on Wed night I was at my friend Linda's - she
said that she got a notice that Veronica Mars would be
filming on her street from 7pm to 1AM. So I went over
there to watch Idol and eat and there they were. The
entire street was blocked off. I actually walked RIGHT
PAST Veronica's LeBaron convertible with her
in it. I was 5 feet away. I had to walk by to get to
Linda's house. Basically I was right on the set! Then
later in the night they wet the street and filmed
Weevil's car going fast up and down the street. It was
so cool!! They let people watch the car scene with
Veronica from the corner so I got a really good view.
They had this 100 foot high crane with a gigantic
light shining on the street.


  • Thanks for pointing out that article! Too cool that they mentioned the Bloggers Press day! I loved your bit about the show filming on the author's friend's street as well. Only two more days!

    By Blogger TVFan, at 3/13/2006 03:06:00 PM  

  • Interesting article!! I'm so jealous that he got to see them filming! When do we get to go back?? :)

    By Blogger tvgirl13, at 3/13/2006 03:16:00 PM  

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