Lost - March 1, 2006

I�ve heard a couple people already complaining that this was a boring episode. Were they watching the same show? We got so much information on The Others this week that it was amazing!

Alex, Rousseau�s daughter, is alive and seems to know right from wrong!

The Others are actually squeaky clean and have �stage� wardrobe and makeup to get that been on a deserted island for 16 years look. Creepy.

We�ve now seen a third hatch (Dharma symbol is the medical snakes). This hatch had a baby nursery (obv originally for Alex because look how there were clean stains on the wall behind where pictures and those animal prints were � those were not put up as decoration for Claire�s baby, those were waaaay old), a medical clinic, an escape hatch (the short door across from the nursery), and apparently The Others have a prop department!

We learned that there is one figure head for The Others (referred to as �HIM� in conversation with Ethan).

The Others have a wicked sense of baby comfort � did you catch that creepy toy airplane mobile? Morbid much?

Also great was Claire�s assertivness with Rousseau and also with Libby! She was a take charge kind of girl for once and it was hot.

The look on Kate�s face when Claire uncovered the third Hatch was incredible! It was a mix of shock and horror.

Eko�s time with Henry Gale was one of the most intense scenes this season. As you think Eko is about to slice the guy with that huge ass knife he take it to his own throat! Eko�s a cutter! Oh, no he�s just going to cut off those two ponytails on his beard. One for each Other he killed when they first crashed on the island. He kept them as reminders of his sin and by confessing his sins to Gale, he was absolved. Does anyone else think this only means that Eko couldn�t do more bad things until he was absolved? Let�s hope so, that man is fierce and I expect a good killing or two out of him!

What about James� glasses? High-sterical!


  • Gee, did they actually expect us to realize those two beard thingies were for the Others he killed? I just thought he was a Captain Lou Albano fan.

    By Blogger Scooter, at 3/04/2006 12:16:00 PM  

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