American Idol - 12 Girls and counting...

American Idol - 12 Girls and Counting...

I just bought me a ticket on a Midnight Train to Georgia! Sweet Jesus, I love that little 17 year old girl and her Saturday Night Fever flip-hairdo! Paris brought more personality and excitement to this show than any other and I was flipping out at how good different she was from previous episodes! Go Girl! The last time I felt the jeebies while an Idol contestant sang was when Carrie Bland-erwood belted out one fucking incredible "Alone" by Heart! Chills.

Now my girl Mandisa rocked the Heart action like only a true American Idol could! Fat Nancy Wilson better be thanking her twinkies that these kids keep brining back her songs! Sure she's big but only a big girl could belt out a tune meant for such attitude and intensity! Incredible job!

Melbatoast McPhee also brought it tonight! I felt like for the first time in this competition she actually stuck out! Besides that, she reminds me a little of Rachel Ray who I happen to find quite enjoyable to watch!

Who else?

For real, Kinnick - is that her name? Was it just me or did she not do her best Angelina Jolie tonight with that outfit, the hair and those lips?

Hi, Michaela Gordan we've got a new annoying screen hog and her name is Brenna. That girl is on a midnight train to sex scandal with Simon! Watch your ass British Man!

A bunch of blonde blahs...

Oh and Jon had this to say about Alana Miles, er, Becky O'Donahue: "She'd sound much better with that stripper pole!"

No he didn't!

Tomorrow night we get the guys and I for one am looking forward to watching awkward awkwards alot Kevin Covais strut his stuff. Maybe a little Twisted Sister or possibly some Manilow. Blushing all around. Til then folks...


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