Grey's Super 'sode!

I hadn�t had a chance to comment until now which just happens to come the morning after the re-airing of the Code Black episode! Seriously this show was an actual nail-biter and nothing was more intense than the last 10 minutes after Dr. Milton�s creepy �pink mist� talk to an already frazzled (and un-f�ing believable) Christina Ricci ripping her hand out of the chest cavity and Dufus Meredith sliding her hand in bombastic place. AMAZINGLY intense and emotional.

When I rewatched the ending last night (for the 3rd time) I got teary eyed when Meredith and Christina peer in on poor Ambulance Hannah shaking ALONE with the body � it�s such an incredibly shocking shot that it just hits you in the face with its solitary sadness. The best shot of the season! And why wouldn�t you just stop pumping that air bag? �Whoops, everyone he died� cut him open and get this thing out so I can live!�

Kyle Chandler, HELLO MY FRIEND, HELLO! He was one of my first male celebrity crushes when I was younger as a kid watching �Homefront.� He looks just as good today and I would love to see his Bomb Squad leader go toe to toe with McDreamy!

Is it wrong to kinda wish Meredith becomes �pink mist�? Is that wrong?

Shonda Rhimes has a blog for the show and it is a great read, she is so thankful and gracious to the fans for their undying support. Check it out!


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