Grey's Anatomy - 1.29.06

Katherine Heigl is finally getting the material she deserves both comedic and dramatic. Last night�s episode was an Izzie Orgasm! She had a baby girl named Sarah at age 16 that she gave up for adoption in order to have some sort of hope in getting out of her trailer park and creating a life for not only herself but her child. It showcased her versatility as an actress and her characters depth and complexity. Incredible! Oh and her comedic line of the night came within the first two minutes as she crossed the picket line and was victim to Olivia�s angry Scab comments. Instead of getting flustered she turns the situation into comedy with this zinger: �How the Syphilis Olivia?� I near died!

Meredith and the Shephards had their best night this season as well! The writers have found an incredibly uncomfortable yet believable balance between Meredith and Addison Shephard; their incredible to watch onscreen because you�re always waiting for the tension to explode. They respect each other as doctors yet both vying for the affections of the same man, Dr. McDreamy who couldn�t be more wishy-washy in his feelings. Meredith�s tear-jerking breakdown in the closet was the best moment of the night and I�m so damn glad they didn�t kiss � I know they eventually will, but I�m glad they haven�t yet.

Christina and Burke continue to shine in finding a balance between coworkers and lovers. And could their new resident have been funnier? I loved her on �Buffy� but had no idea she could pull off such a quirky yet firm and engrossing �cheerleader� of a surgeon. She even pulled an ARI when she asked Christina to �Hug it Out!�

Next week�s Super Bowl episode is going to be unreal! Code Black (someone that�s strapped a bomb to themselves enters the hospital) and Christina Ricci! Bring it on!


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