Veronica Mars - The Golden Globe Snub?

Photo: Jeff Vespa,

Did anyone even see if anyone from Veronica Mars was at the Golden Globes or not? I mean, cutie patootie Kristen Bell was able to get her "Fame" on while at the Emmy's but was surprisingly absent from the Globes telecast. Someone please tell me that she was at least invited. She will after all win one of these damn awards next year. How can she not? She's incredible in this role but alas these young incredible actresses on the so-called lesser networks are always snubbed (ie. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lauren Graham). Damn UPN and WB get no love. I know she was at the 2005 Globe parties but I've yet to see a press photo from this years ceremony. The search wages on.

Why can't Kristen Bell go all Paris Hilton and have her face on every rag in town - you know without the sex-tape scandal, skanky look, and cunty demeanor? My gay man crush continues to rage on...


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