Arrested Development - STill The Best Fucking Show On Television!

First can I honestly state that the cancellation of this amazingly brilliant show makes me fucking sick to my stomach? It�s without a doubt the dirtiest little secret on television that isn�t really a secret at all because it�s been a high profile critical darling for the past three years.

AD is a show that only gets better with time because 90% of the jokes within this show come from previous episode references. The loosest plot in history (its been 3 years and we�ve really not progressed at all with the Bluth scandal) is forgiven because its all about moving the inside jokes further along, not the story AND THAT�S FUNNY!

Last night Oscar darling Charlize Theron ended her multi-episode stint as Rita, the British MR.F (Mentally Retarded Female) that Michael Bluth fell for at the beginning of the season. From genius spy to quirky Brit eccentric all the way to MR.F we�ve followed the gullible and lovelorn Michael to the amazing reveal last night (with bonus George Michael Star Wars Kid footage)! There was plastic fruit eating, inside out clothes dressing, and even a genius aside related to Rita�s recent plastic surgery (including a pre-surgery pic straight from Theron�s film Monster which actually brought a tear to my eye).

How can this madness come to an end? HOW?


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