Veronica Mars - Season 2 Premiere

Are you kidding me? That bus with Ms. Dumbass plummetted into the ocean? HARSH! That is a great mystery for this new season! I love that the newly svelt Meg perished on the way down... is that creator Rob Thomas' way of saying "dont go all lindsay lohan on our asses" ? If so, that's quite the warning to all starlets and 09'ers! Thank god Veronica got off that bus and was forced to not only confront but get a ride home from the newly chunky Weevil.

I love the class separation this season, I love that all out war between the haves and he have nots has been declared in the otherwise tame down of Neptune. Sure people are murdered and framed daily but the kids have always found a way out of the serious dirty work. Not this season, it starts with a bang - Logan is possibly framed for murdering a PCH'er, there's gang like retaliation after Logan is acquitted, Logan and Veronica break up, Logan and Duncan hook up, Meg and Veronica no longer speak, Mr. Mars is a celebrity of sorts, and on the first day of school there's a drug testing conspiracy that Veronica must crack! Oh yeah, and that school bus full of kids just crashed off a cliff into the raging waters below! They've wasted no time setting up some major action and backstory to fill us in on the 3 months we missed out on.

Dick and Beav have been added as full time cast members and last night we caught a glimpse of their new stepmother... Cordelia Chase, er... Charisma Carpentar looking better than ever in her itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini! Not only are her "sons" fawning over her, but apparently Logan's schtuping her on the side. Hello! They really are introducing her in quite the fashion. Steve Guttenberg was great as the wet towel baseball league owner and Veronica's infatuation with Johnny Damon was hysterical "He's just so pretty!" It was so girly and not the Veronica we're used to - that's why it was so good.

There was a mention of Trina, can we hope there will be another visit from our favorite spoiled brat? Here's to hoping CBS lets her out long enough to shoot one or two scenes this season! I liked the Lily flash - it's homage to last season and still leads to the fact that she's almost like V's guardian angel.

Here's to an incredible opening - let's hope they can ride this bitch out for another season as flawlessly as they did the last!


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