The OC 9.14.05

I have to admit that will all the chaos surrounding 8pm on Thursday nights, the decision to come back to my favorite SoCal kids was a long one in the making. Survivor, Alias, The OC, its all too much if you're asking and on top of that I have kickball every thursday for the next 8 weeks. Regardless, the Newport gang started early this Fall so I was more than willing to get back into the wit and angst filled saddle for a third year.

The season opener was weak. We wrapped up all the loose ends from Season 2 but no real story was set in motion other than the introduction of Jeri Ryan's devious character and the fall out from Marissa's shooting Tre last spring. I knew episode 2 had to be better and it was - by miles!

First out the gate was this number... "You know who Karl Rove is?" and then later, "My Jewish stomach is not meant for rides..." Oh Seth I never grow tired of you, your Ben Sherman gear, and Captain Oats. I def do not get tired of Summer - that girl is on fire this season as she begins what is sure to be an ugly battle against Cheer-tater Taylor! I'm expecting more verbal assaults than we can handle! I won't put it past her kicking some ass too if needed, she is after all a super her Vixen!

Oh yeah, and I've always really liked Eric Mabius! He's a pretty good actor and god knows he's fine to look at (see "The L Word" [Season 1] for him at his best) but damn is he just not a pleasant person on The OC! He had like, what? 5 minutes of screentime total and in that he expells Marissa, gets in a showdown with Ryan and then gets his face bashed in before expelling Ryan. Did anyone else want Ryan to pull a Luke "Welcome to the OC bitch!" Oh and that Taylor with her perky smugness is T-R-O-U-B-L-E, or is it B-A-N-A-N-A-S? I always forget.


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