Prison Break - Ep. 04

Although this show has lost some of the conceptual momentum that was bound to be lost as the series progressed, it�s still quite the compelling thrill ride as Michael and Lincoln�s stories flesh out.

That scary Runaway Bride eyed cellmate Michael was paired with last week proved to be one scary mother fucker getting dangerously close to deciphering the tattoos covering Michael�s body. Trust me, even though Sucre is back in Scofield�s good graces and cell, crazy ass Haywire will be back to foil his plan. I imagine that Haywire is the only person that can push Michael to unspeakable acts � it�s not likely Scofield can break out of that prison without killing a human being and that will be an incredible emotional journey for him to take.

Sometimes I think Robin Tunney might actually be retarded (like she played in Niagara, Niagara) and she�s actually acting like a normal woman. She�s just not right in this part. It�s not that I think she ruins the show or anything, but there is just something off about her performance. When she visited Lincoln toward the beginning of this episode I wonder if they had her acting to an empty room� she seemed to concentrate on nothing while staring into empty space even though a hulking large inmate was sitting across from her. It was almost like an outtake from Star Wars (Eps I-III) with its stilted wooden delivery.

Man oh man, that Patricia Wettig (I refuse to believe its not her) is one vicious bitch up in that mountain home of hers. Who is she and what is her motivation? She�s vengeful and relentless; could she be the widow of the Vice President�s brother?


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