Veronica Mars - Weapons of Class Destruction

As my friend Donna will confirm, when I began watching the reruns this summer, I never in a million years would have bought Veronica and Logan as an item. Hell, at the beginning I couldn�t even buy Logan as anything but a spoiled little bitch with an anger management issue and propensity for being a real jackass but I am here to contest� Veronica and Logan together is hot business!

Not only is it hot, it makes more sense than I ever would have imagined. Their bitter rivalry and hatred for each other completely makes sense now. There was always an attraction there, whether or not they explore this later on I don�t know, but there are so many factors to their hatred and attraction. They were brought together and apart by Lily Kane. Each dating the others best friend � they were always peripheral friends. Lily eats it poolside and Veronica not only investigates Lily�s lover (Logan) but her brother, Veronica�s own ex (Duncan). I guess that could cause some ripples in the class structure that is high school and a possible friendship flew out the classroom window.

In a moment of holy crapdom, Logan asked Veronica to help him find his big lipped-flew off the Coronado Bridge Mother, Veronica was there for him in his weakest moments. When they staked out that posh hotel and found that Willow was impersonating Logan�s mother, she was there when he completely broke down having finally accepted his Mother�s fate. I just hope his feelings for her are not residual gratefulness for her kind deeds. I�ll weep with disgust.

Although I�ve yet to see how the four remaining episodes play out, I do already know that the season ends with a mystery man at little miss Mars� door. If it�s not Logan, screams will be heard from Boston to Neptune because the other rumor is that it may be Duncan. I�ve yet to see evidence that their relationship should be resuscitated. Logan Logan Logan Logan Logan Logan� the spirit squad chants. I mean come on, the kid came up with this line�

Logan: I�m not leaving you alone with Jumpstreet.

Now in a completely Logan free direction the Wallace/Veronica dynamic is getting complicated but its great to see their bond holding strong. My two favorite lines of the night came from either one or both of them�

Veronica: Hey, last night you said something. Am I really your best friend?
Wallace: Who else do you see in the running?
Wallace: Quit smiling at me.

And the best zinger of the episode�

Wallace: He's not gropin' her, is he?
Veronica: No, but earlier I saw him cutting a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket.


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