The Comeback - Eps. 9/10

I finally was able to catch up on the last two episodes of The Comeback and haven�t laughed harder at Valerie�s antics. Ep. 9, �Valerie Hangs With The Cool Kids� tops �The Littlest Assistant� episode with laughs and one liners. As the network re-tools �Room and Bored� the original five cast mates unite against the addition of a comedy duo whose whole shtick is racial slander.

Everything about this episode was brilliant. Valerie was much more open with her emotions and you could see the fear on her face as Tom and Paulie G. announce the changes to the show. Her veteran status finally came in handy as the whole cast came to her for advice and she finally gave a straight answer about how harsh Hollywood can be. Francesca got a new best friend, Kalla who not only is rich and obnoxious but apparently idolizes Paris Hilton because at age 12 she�s already smoking, drinking, and begging Valerie to �hook her up� with Chris. There were so many Valerie one-liners that were just dead on as she tried to keep everyone and everything in her life under control. If they submit the show or Lisa Kudrow for an Emmy, it should be based on this episode because when I get home tonight, I plan on watching it again � it was that funny.

Episode 10 was no where near as hysterical, but as a stand alone episode pretty darn enjoyable. �Valerie Gets a Magazine Cover� followed the has-been on a journey for publicity to promote her new show, �The Comeback.� From trying to get Juna�s PR woman to hiring that live wire of a gay (�I�ve gotta get me a gay Mickey�) she rolled with the punches until the punches started to hurt (at her BE YOGA magazine photo shoot). The image of Mickey in that yoga get up was priceless as was Mark taking a header off of Valerie�s still in motion treadmill. This show is finally coming into its element and I would hate to see HBO pull the plug after just this one season.


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