Big Brother 6 - Big Brother Intervenes...

This house is gonna burn, burn mutha f*cker, burn! That could be the new theme song for Big Brother if things continue on the testosterone and racially charged path they�re heading. Wowza with the dramarama the other night. Eric the Midget (no not from Howard Stern) is so spastic and reactionary that if he is not gone soon after Michael, the game and that house will not survive the summer. He has created this fake sexual predator unsafe gang mentality environment with the women in that house and the sheep are following his Hitler-like motives blindly.

Michael is a patsy in this game. Granted he�s kinda creepy, but you never saw or heard one peep out of the women in that house until Eric the Midget climbed up onto his soap box (with a foot stool�s assistance I�m sure) and declared Michael the predatory enemy who must be extinguished before the women can feel safe. Chivalry is apparently still alive, it just comes in a 2� 3� bald frame. Its bullsh*t that the house turned so nasty the other night causing the voice of reason, Big Brother himself to intervene not once but twice.

Eric the Midget and Michael were seconds from throwing down backyard wrasslin� style when BB stepped in throwing them to separate parts of the house. Next up on the ticket were Kaysar and Ivette for some unknown reason. That bitch is crazy and not good crazy, like psychotic and pot-stirrin� crazy. She�s got more personalities and nationalities than the G8 summit with her �First I�ll go Latin on his ass� and her �then I�ll go full out Cuban on his ass� comments. Eric�s flock of sheep have fully adapted to the gang mentality and it is frightening to watch.

Next week Beau will be lynched after being dragged by his nostrils across the pool patio pavement just seconds after being refused the right to ride in the front of the bus.

In two weeks on a special Big Brother 6, Kaysar will learn that Eric the Midget�s fire house frat brothers have decapitated Kaysar�s entire Iraqi family and pictures of Kaysar naked with a burlap sack over his head will surface online� guess who�s wearing the fatigues and has the cigarette dangling from her lips? Ivette anyone?


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