Big Brother 6 7.16.05

If ultra-�roid Eric doesn�t have a heart attack or a bleeding ulcer before his week of HOH is over it will be a friggin� Christmas miracle. He is hands down the most dramatic person to ever be within that house of fools. He is so panicked and worried all the time that it must be the most miserable week for the rest of the houseguests� seriously dude, it�s week two and there is not usually this much pot stirring� and drama until the final 10. This season may be the most game playing of them all if this intensity continues. Hell, I might even have a heart attack watching.

In other house news, could Kaysar be hotter? For some reason I found him 1000 times cuter knowing that he is comfy enough with his manhood and with Beau�s flaming to allow some straight/gay cuddle time and not be grossed out. That�s hot. He�s just a really nice and generous guy, so far the most deserving within the house.

Look at the brains on Janelle! Wait� Um, she does seem to be smarter than was originally led to be. Why not? She is using her charm and her two biggest assets to her advantage. Her chess strategy is incredibly smart as she is learning temperament of the males, assessing their intelligence, and in turn being able to create a bond and strategy for each person. She�s playing this game better and harder than the others, well besides ulcer boy. Her disgust for Eric and Ivette is inspiring. Sometimes the houseguests just don�t pay attention and for once she�s commenting on things we as Big Brother are noticing.

Another secret will be revealed this week � is it that Kaysar is really Gaysar? We could hope.


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