Surreal Life 5 Premiere

After the premiere that just aired - This is going to be the best freak show on television � I am so excited for Sunday nights! Omarosa, Pepa, and Janice Dickinson? Three loud mouth and opinionated women with a propensity for divafication in one household? There are bound to be some good time catfights, breakdowns, and ego slaps as this season unfolds.

Somehow I see Janice being the one to unravel most (gee � wonder what gave me that idea? See Paulo/Paula/Pabo et al). Pepa actually seemed pretty down to earth but I still wouldn�t provoke a sista. Omarosa actually came across as not as bad as I would have imagine. She gets major points for not being the first to loose it and scores unreal points for having the balls to confront the big elephant in the room (Jose) about his wife beating past and other indiscretions! It was genius television; especially after the women of the house were all freaked out about his woman hating past and upon introduction he commented on �beating� Omarosa and �victimizing� them. I was in tears because they couldn�t have written the tension any better. God someone tell Canseco to please lay off the plastic surgery. That face has been �juiced� more times than Joan Rivers.

One of those girls (possibly the faux-Brit Caprice � isn�t that a slim cigarette?) commented on Carey Hart�s hotness. Girl watch you ass, Pink will beat you down before you can even strike a waifish pose. You�ve been warned!

Out of all the seasons I�ve watched (3 or 4 of them) this will hands down be the most hellacious, scandalous, and nastiest season by far! Let the games begin and someone please tell me that Andy Dick will be back because his introductions were hysterical. I love Andy Dick.


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