A Plea to UPN

Though I am a new fan to the show and have yet to see more than a handful of episodes, I am deeply concerned and saddened by your recent series alterations or shall we call them demands placed upon series creator Rob Thomas and how this will more than likely ruin the Veronica Mars that legions of obsessed and vocal fans have grown to love.

You�ve asked for a more diverse cast. How does a sunny So-Cal based show become more �diverse� when there are already more minority characters of varying economic backgrounds and social status populating Neptune, CA than a gathering of the United Nations? Under any other showrunner or studio head, the sunny affluent setting for VMars would normally be portrayed as a school of all white bred 09�ers who�s actors are more than likely old enough to run for City instead of Student Council?

You�ve demanded more 20 somethings be introduced to help bring in bigger numbers from the new fall lead-in �ANTM4� but it seems that you�ve forgotten that Veronica Mars is in High School by day and helping her middle aged Father by night. A recent interview with Rob Thomas hinted that our little blonde detective may start taking college level courses in the fall to meet your unnecessary and misguided forceful suggestions. Because scantily-clad coeds in an academic setting don�t already exist on a show where the High Schoolers look like their in their late 20�s and dress like Paris Hilton� Though this is not a departure for Veronica�s character, as she�s very smart and wise beyond her years, you will be losing the core of the show which is the classism and corruption of a younger generation brought on by the evils seen in society and how to overcome it all while finding yourself in this mad mad world.

I know that Rob Thomas will do his very best to retain the integrity of the show and I am sure he will fight you tooth and nail to ensure Veronica does not suffer from the sophomore slump. I pray you back off and realize that although �ANTM� is your biggest show, it doesn�t mean you ruin your best show in hopes of becoming a Primetime Player. You are after all UPN not ABC or even The WB.

Thank you,

Dan McCallum


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