The Closer - Ep. 01

�Thaaank Youuuu� Kyra Sedgewick�s portrayal of Homicide Police Chief Brenda Johnson transcends incredible and reaches astonishing as her Southerner transplant to Los Angeles presides over high-profile murder cases. Everyone on the force despises her and she immediately pushes buttons and pisses off each and every member of her squad. All in a day�s work for this quirky, not quite dainty Southern Belle who�s only concern is solving the crime by any means necessary. She is tough as nails but has this quiet sensibility to her that unnerves you at times because she is so calculating in her methodology and you know she's got a sick mind to figure out all that she does. She is so broken inside but so righteous in her convictions that you never know what she'll come out with next.

She�s a hard ass with a hard body that I presume she recently acquired as there is this mesmerizing scene between her and a box of Krispy Kremes � I got a feeling she recently lost a good amount of weight and limits her calorie intake until a crime is solved, a final reward for a job well done. In the premiere episode it comes in the form of a moon pie or ding-dong or something wrapped in tin foil which sends her to orgasmic heights in the final scene � she�s nuttier than Chinese Chicken Salad and I love her!

It�s like she came straight out of the swamp with that accent. The best line so far is when a male detective working under her asks her why she's being such a "bitch" about the way they're handling a crime scene and she looks at him dead in the eyes with her doughy Southern Accent and says "If I liked being called a bitch to my face, I'd still be married" She's amazing! I may love her.


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