MTV Movie Awards � The Best of the Rest

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There are really only a couple things worth mentioning and two of them involve the same actress. Rachel McAdams is now my favorite actress on earth. If you read regularly, you will know that I was obsessed with Marissa Cooper�s �Best Movie of All Time,� The Notebook. In Mean Girls she was Heatherific and stole the show.

#1: She deserved to win more awards than Lohan and did! She mentioned �fetch� and was completely comfy on stage for such a newbie. She was demur and eloquent while Lohan came across as a dazed and confused white-washed Gumby.

#2: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling *breathe-breathe-breathe* win for Best Kiss. Not only do they once again get to share electric screen-time, but they reenacted one of the hottest kisses I�ve ever seen on film and TOPPED IT! Their crazy love kiss (almost in Dirty Dancing Baby Run and I�ll Catch You fashion) was so hot I almost got wood. It instantly made me want to run out and buy the DVD after stalking both of them to the ends of the earth.

#3: The Breakfast Club tribute. I don�t know how to say this without sounding like a psycho, but I got teary-eyed during Yellowcard�s incredibly hypnotic cover of �Don�t You Forget About Me.� The nostalgic film clips mixed into the song had me at hello with it�s Jerry McGuire/Bruce Sprinsteen-esque sentimentality. Tears people, tears! It was incredible to see Claire, Allison, and Brian onstage all grown up and being so touched and appreciative of their 20 year accomplishment. It�s true, this film has stood the test of time and was surprisingly in-touch and relevant to the teen experience. This was the only true moment this show has ever produced. Amazing.


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